Castile soaps are specially made from vegetable oils. They are very popular due to their merits and environment friendly. These soaps do not cause any harm to the environment as they are made from olive oil or vegetable oils like hemp, jojoba, palm and coconut oil. This not only cleans you from head to toe in a healthy way, but is also good for your laundry and washing soap. You can also use scentless castile soap as a shampoo. It is found in both soap bar and liquid forms.

Apart from skin cleansing, there are many other benefits of using it on a daily basis. So let’s see 5 types of benefits from these:

Soaking feet with castile soap 

Castile soap is a good foot soaker. Place your feet in a liquid castile soap and warm water solution and sit for some time. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil to combat foot bacteria, to remove foot odor.

Clean the congestion with castile soap

Castile soap acts as a decongestant. Add a tablespoon of liquid soap to a bowl of hot water. Breathe in, which you usually do in case of other decongestants like eucalyptus oil. It is not harmful and you can give this natural remedy a shot.

Heal wounds with castile soap 

Studies say that castile soap has a positive effect on contaminated orthopedic wounds. In order to test this, castile soap was combined with the common solution of benzoconium chloride, bacitracin. The wounds were cleaned by mixing them all. Sequential irrigation treatment of orthopedic lesions reduced the rate of complications but it was observed that castile soap was able to achieve similar results.

Castile soap is good for face wash with sensitive skin 

If your skin is sensitive, make your own face wash or face wash yourself. Add some liquid drops of any essential oil like lavender oil, tea tree, rose or chamomile oil to the castile soap and use to wash your face. It keeps your skin clean and healthy. 

Replace Laundry Soap with Castile Soap

Use castile soap to wash utensils. You can safely replace your dish washing soap with castile soap. Normal washing soap makes your hands rough and fade. Castile soap, as you know, is good for your skin, so when using it for washing dishes it takes care of your hands and keeps them soft.