YTS or You Tube Torrents was a famous peer-to Peer release group mainly for circulating large numbers of free movies as torrents over the web. It is operated by a group of enthusiasts who like to share and watch movies from other people. YTS releases were characterized through their sheer high quality video quality on a very small file size, which quickly attracted many potential downloaders. Their original release has been banned in some countries. Since the ban, the group had to change its methods, making them more user friendly for potential members.

Many users claimed that YTS movies are the best ones on the internet. Though they started with low-quality videos, the quality has been constantly upgraded through the years. Most downloaded YTS movies are well-maintained and available at almost any quality.

Many movies are available on the site at various prices. Movies are always in demand, so the number of members on YTS is quite normal. There is also usually a wide selection of movies in different categories, allowing the members to choose what kind of movie they would like to download. If the member already owns a movie file, he can easily give it to other members for free.

The most common service offered by YTS is its commercial version. YTS membership fee is very affordable considering how many movies can be downloaded at once. These are not like ordinary free movie sites, wherein one would usually be limited to the current releases. With commercial sites, they host a library of over two hundred movies, and thousands of clips and trailers. Some sites also offer media player software, which allows the users to stream movies directly from their servers.

With a commercial site, members would have instant access to movies that they have rented. With YTS, one will be able to watch movies whenever he wants, anywhere at any time. Since its subscription is an annual one, members are guaranteed of watching a large library of high-quality films, even on holidays when there are no new releases.

Since YTS and similar sites provide both mainstream and foreign films, its library of movies is not limited. There is a wide range of genres available to choose from, making the members’ experience truly unique. For example, there are comedies, dramas, action, horror films and kids’ movies to choose from. There are even exclusive movies from certain countries, like Korean movies or Japanese anime series. There is always something that will appeal to the members.

As a result, members are assured of having an extensive collection of videos to watch. And with membership, they get several advantages. First, they get to enjoy the convenience of getting movies on the internet without spending anything extra. Second, their free membership also comes with unlimited streaming of movies, giving them free DVD rentals.

To join, one does not need to pay for a membership fee. After joining, users can already enjoy the numerous benefits it offers. The free one-year membership gives unlimited access to the site’s library of movies. One can make unlimited movies from home using special software that will convert videos into a digital file. To make it even better, members can also avail of free DVD rentals.

As a member, one gets the advantage of being able to enter into contests and make friends online who share the same interests as him. Because YTS has a large movie library, members can choose from a wide selection of DVDs. Moreover, members are not limited to only movie titles but can also choose from music and TV shows. This gives them an expanded and diversified movie library to enjoy.

As a member, one can also enjoy special features not included in the free DVD rental package. Members can also choose among a wide array of movies and TV shows to download. With YTS, there is no more need to worry about missing a movie after borrowing it from a friend because all of the copies are imported from the YTS servers. Aside from its amazing collection, it also boasts of a very reliable service.

To sum up, joining YTS is not only a privilege enjoyed by a few wealthy individuals but by everyone who are passionate about movies. One does not have to worry about missing out on a good flick or spending extra on rental fees because the membership fee is just $50. That is really a steal, especially for those who love the movie and television. With a little effort, one is able to enjoy all the perks of a paid membership without sacrificing anything else.