Studies are an integral part of life, and schools play an important role in helping us with that. We get to study a lot of subjects during the time we stay in our school, and one of the most crucial among them is the subject of biology. The human body is a composition of so many elements, and it’s fascinating to study all the elements present in our bodies. For all those science enthusiasts around there, biology is a very important subject, because they wish to learn a lot about the human body and how it operates. 

But that can only be possible when you have the right guidance and study material to get that knowledge from, and that is the reason why you should opt for ncert biology class 12 books to get your hold on this subject because the books from this curriculum not only help in enhancing your knowledge about biology but help you with testing your learnings most wonderfully. Following are some of how ncert books for class 12 biology can be beneficial for you:

  • Well explained diagrams: Students tend to understand concepts more clearly when they are presented with real-life examples regarding the topic or are explained with the help of a diagram. That is why the class 12 biology book by ncert has perfectly labeled diagrams, that explains the whole concept most wonderfully so that the student can get an idea about the topic and they can grasp the concept easily. While other books may provide you with great theory notes, but lack of proper diagrams can often create confusion in the mind of the students, hence, you should use ncert based biology books, because not only do theymake you understand the basics, but explain all the topics most simply.
  • Helps you with prepping up for the board exams: The most crucial phase in every student’s life is their class 12 board exams because they get to test all the knowledge that they acquired during their school years and use it most effectively. For all those students who don’t know this, but almost all the time, questions that come in the board exams are from ncert textbooks only, and that is why you should never miss the chance to study biology from them because then you have high chances of scoring great in this subject. If you study from some other book, you are bound to get confused while attempting your class 12 biology board exam.
  • They cover all the essential topics included in the syllabus: The best part about ncert textbooks is that they are completely based on the prescribed syllabus of CBSE, and therefore they contain almost every topic that you will see in the syllabus. You cannot expect to miss out on any single topic, because ncert class 12 biology books have all the necessary topics that you would want to study, and they are explained most fantastically. Once you use them, you will get clarity about everything from basics to high-level learning, becausetheir main motive is to make you aware of all your biology topics and provide you with enough knowledge.
  • Perfect use of examples: To get a clear idea about a topic, it’s always better to understand it with the help of an example, because then you remember the concept very easily and it stays in your mind forever. Class 12 ncert biology books contain a wide variety of examples regarding every concept so that students don’t face any issue while grasping the information and drawing meaning out of it. Though biology may be a tricky subject because you need to remember so many scientific names and be clear about how the reproductive system works, you can easily ace all of these concepts by taking the help of a ncert class 12 biology textbook
  • Back exercises help you with testing your knowledge: You can only be confident about understanding a concept when you can answer all the questions regarding it. That is why ncert textbooks have exercises at the end of each chapter so that you can get a clue of your learning and how well you understood the topic. These exercises can be in the form of short and long questions, fill-ups, true/false, HOTS, etc. so that you get to test your knowledge in the most intriguing ways.

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