what3words generates every location in the world as a three-word code, with the help of which you can reach anywhere and call anyone to you without confusion.

Nowadays we have to travel anywhere and if we do not know the way, then we take the help of Google Maps. In earlier times, we used to get help from people to go from one place to another place, whereas nowadays we just place a location in the search bar and reach our destination. But do you know about what3words app? what3words app is an app that very few people know about. We recognize the world by places and its name, but in this app everything is done with the help of square and grid. That is, there is a code for every location at a distance of 3 meters around you, which is divided into three words. That is, India Gate’s code name is thrillers.widgets.income.

In such a situation, now you can reach exactly the same place with the help of this three-worded code in the app. But if you are standing next to India Gate and want to tell your friend that I am 200 meters away from India Gate, then you can go to the search bar and set your location. After this, you will have a separate code with three words, which will be like this: moats.flinches.upwardly. You can share it with your friend. And then your friend will reach you at a distance of 200 from India Gate.

But if you do the same in Google Maps, then it will not take accurate location and will show India Gate key. In such a situation, your friend will keep looking for you and he will not find the right location. So you can find out from this example how beneficial this app is.

How does what3words work?

what3words works on a three-word code and gives you information about the location from the three codes generated through the app, which you can save as a square and then use it to reach or call someone Can. The app here tells you that there is a word address every three meters in the world. That is, if you have a smartphone and have GPS in it, then you can use the what3words app. With the help of what3words app, you can reach anywhere, so that anyone can reach you without confusion.

Chris Sheldrick is behind this app. Chris got this idea when he got fed up due to wrong location. That is, if you live in a village and there is no name of any location there, then no goods can reach you. But if you share a 3-word code with anyone, then that person will reach you without any name without any trouble.

How to use this app?

If you want to use this app, you can download it for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once the app is installed, you can generate a three-word code by entering your current location i.e. your office and home address in the search bar, and then you can share it with anyone at any time of need. After this, any user who clicks on that code will directly show the option of Google Maps, City Mapper or Wedge. In such a situation, he will reach you without any problem with the help of any map tracking app. Please tell that you can also use the voice feature in the app and can also choose the language according to your mind.

The most important purpose of this app is that, if you are stuck somewhere where you need help or want to meet someone in the beach or park, then this is a 3 word perfect code for your friend or relative. Will generate so that anyone will reach exactly where you are waiting for him.

App has proved to be a boon for Emergency

Let us know that this service has been called game changing by Emergency Service. Because if you dial 999, you are asked your location, after which you can send them directly with the help of a text message through your correct location code and then anyone can reach you. That is, if you have an accident or you are stuck somewhere, then this app can prove to be a boon for you.

There is a dispute over the app

Let me tell you that there are many controversies also about the app. Many emergency services in the UK use this app. In such a situation, he has alleged that during the help, many three-word codes in the app are of the same type. That is, if they have to reach the X location, then they show many similar locations associated with X, so that they do not reach the right location and people will not be able to help. On this, the head of the company Chris Sheldrick said that there may be similar words around which can cause confusion but this happens very rarely.

et me tell you that before this, W3W has accused a security researcher that, he has shared the company’s open source project with another researcher. In this case, the company has also filed a case on it. Researcher told that, to test how well the app, he shared it. But whatever it is, at the moment this app has a fire and people are using it fiercely.