XXC Power Clutch has developed the world’s only ultra-high-performance clutch which will handle a working load of up to 2350kg. The benefits of this clutch are many: it is 30% stronger than our standard XX0812, but still has a controlled release when pulling heavy loads. Read more about it in this article.

What is a Powerclutch?

The XXC Powerclutch is a new type of clutch that has the potential to revolutionize how motorcycles are driven. Unlike traditional clutches, the XXC is hydraulic and can be operated with one finger. This makes it easier to handle while riding because you no longer have to shift your hand position on the controls or apply a lot of force.

The XXC Powerclutch: made from the finest raw materials, innovated and designed for demanding applications

The XXC Powerclutch is made from the finest raw materials and innovated and designed for demanding applications. The powerclutch can handle loads of up to 249,000 pounds and is capable of holding those loads on a variety of surfaces with the help of an air-hydraulic system. In addition, the powerclutch has a patented design that allows it to safely disengage at any time without risk of damage or injury to personnel.

Why choose the XXC Powerclutch over other clutches?

The XXC Powerclutch is made of the highest quality parts that are created to last. It’s made with a lightweight aluminum housing, and it has exclusive features that make clutch maintenance quick and easy. The Kevlar friction material is designed to be durable, and the patented self-adjusting spring eliminates the need for adjustment in most cases.

How does XXXXXX work in detail?

The XXC Powerclutch is a power transmission system designed to provide a powerful response to any driving situation. This clutch and gearbox conversion provides higher torque, more accurate shifting, smoother acceleration, and better fuel economy.

Example of uses for XXC Powerclutch

XXC Powerclutch is a while plastic material that can be used as an insulator or sealant. For example, its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it useful in aerospace and the petrochemical industry.

Additional benefits of XXC Powerclutch

XXC Powerchuck has a wide range of benefits that can be seen in various industries. For construction, it’s used for demanding jobs like installing underground pipe and fiber optic cable. It helps reduce the risk of accidental damage to the cables. In mining, it’s used to move heavy equipment around the site without putting the workers in danger of being crushed.

Spinlock XXC Powerclutch. Suits 8-12mm Lines

The XXC Powerclutch meets growing demand for an ultra-high-performance Clutch. It can hold up to 2350kg of work load, which is 30% more than the XX0812 standard, but still allows for the ability to release with ease under load. It is 15 percent lighter.

A lighter handle and body. Ceramic coated jaws support hybrid lined lines at loads up to 2350kg . They also assist in restraining heat generated by high line speeds to prolong jaw lifespan.


  • New ceramic jaw technology allows the same level of holding for blended performance lines and an extended life of the jaw
  • Internal Torlon roller bearings guarantee long-lasting performance and durability even under heavy loads.
  • Release is smooth and controlled.
  • The jaw set in one piece is simple to clean and remove
  • Access ports to flushing of fresh water
  • Line height adjusted to ensure proper lead-to-winch (and side mounting)
  • Side mount version available
  • Lock Open version available
  • Remote operation, no handle available
  • Black and white coated options, or silver anodised choices


Lines: 8mm – 12mm (5/16″ – 1/2″)

Up to 2350kg of load

Lock open – the code is XXC0812/L

Allows the line to flow without restriction in and out, by closing the handle

Ideal for applications like mainsheets and spinnaker sheets where locking isn’t often needed.

When you raise the rear switch, it immediately puts the clutching mode in effect.

Side Mount

A side mount is most efficient option for side decks , and coamings. Starboard or port hand-crafted Use bolted versions for traditional installation, or a bonded option for building directly into the deck or rig, to reduce the installation weight.