What is three body Dosha? Vatta Kappata is the actual Yoga mantra that you are supposed to recite while doing Yoga poses. The significance of this is that the Sanskrit word Vatta means to become, while Kappata means act. Therefore, it is a clear indication that the purpose of the third body is to act.

The meaning of Yoga mantra is quite profound. It means that we become aware of our true Self and that we do not want any part of us to be identified with any of the seven layers of “I” or ego. This is how the transcendental spirit or the soul or God begins. When we create any differentiation within ourselves, we are creating ego. Therefore, the true Self, which is our true Self, is also eternal, indestructible and unchanging.

So, when we say “what is three body Dosha?” it means that we are transcending ego and the various mind games we indulge in, which are nothing but games. In other words, the true Self is that which is totally free from the ego and its mind games, which actually are nothing but creations of the mind to keep us busy and distracted. We do not want this to happen because it becomes a lot difficult to maintain the ideal state of happiness and bliss that we are looking for. And the only way to maintain the state of happiness and bliss is through this process of egress, which is Yoga meditation.

Therefore, the next question that one would ask, “What is three body Dosha?” is this. Does egoless coincide with Yoga meditation? Or is there some kind of interaction between the two?

Well, if we look at what actually is three body Dosha, it is just a concept, which has been made popular by the Kundalini movement. The idea behind this concept is that the human being has three bodies – the visible, audible and tactile. Now, when we use the word ‘sight’ and its derivatives in a context which indicates physical functioning, we imply physical functioning without any reference to the other two. However, it is when you use the word in a spiritual context that the meaning gets adjusted. When we say, ‘what is three body Dosha?’

Now, when you go deeper into the Kundalini consciousness, you will come to know that this concept of what is three bodies actually helps you understand how the human being can divide himself from the rest of the world. You see, humans are not created equal, and we are destined to live three separate lives, our human life, our animal life and then another human life. The human being has three distinct kinds of lives, and each of these lives has a different understanding and outlook towards life. In fact, each of us has lived many lifetimes already, and within each of these lifetimes, there have been three separate existences. And each of us has a distinct understanding of life. Within each of these existences, we have a different set of principles and ethics.

So, in order to understand what is three body Dosha, one needs to be able to break this three existence into smaller parts, so that the human being may understand exactly what he is. Now, within the human body, there are various organs or even parts of organs. Within these parts of organs, we have different organs such as the spleen, liver, colon, small intestine, etc. Each of these organs or parts of organs have their own purposes and therefore they all play different roles in the life of the human being.

Therefore, within every part of the human body, there must be three different lives – physical life, mental life, and spiritual life. And within each of these three bodies, there is a different understanding, which is predominant among all three of these existences. Therefore, in order to understand what is three body Dosha, you need to comprehend the essence or basis of each of the three existences. You need to understand the differences between each of the three bodies, and how each of the three bodies can play a part in the human being’s life.