241543903 If you search this number in Google, then you see girls and boys with their heads in the freezer on seeing the photo. Everyone is curious about this. You are also one of them. What is the story behind 241543903? Today we are going to reveal about this in this post.To think about or not. It can be said only a secret that, if you search this number 241543903 in Google, then this type of result appears. As you see in the image below. If you do not know, then you can search and see….!
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What Is The Story Behind 241543903 ?

So let’s know… this funny secret..!Google is the biggest search engine. This is an American company. Provides services on the Internet and also develops and manufactures many products. Its advantage and disadvantage depend on their advertisement.Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They both got their Ph.D. from Stanford University. were students of.Nowadays the word Google is heard from everyone’s mouth. At present, any work is not possible without Google. There will be very few such things which we will not see if we search in Google.Google knows everything related to our life. We also like to go and search on the same.You will also say that there has been a lot of Googling. But this thing is related to that. That’s why Google was doing it. Because the number 241543903 is becoming more viral on Google and Social Media only.Let us unveil the mystery of this number. Is this a mobile number? Or a girl’s sandal number. Or which movie star’s flat number is? Your curiosity about this must be increasing.But one thing is that you will definitely be surprised by searching 241543903 on Google. Because on searching it, you will see many photos like the image below, in which such boys or girls will be seen as Head in a Freezer .

Are you surprised to hear this, let us now know the secret behind it, knowing which you are also going to enjoy. Because the logic behind it is very funny.We are seeing these funny photos Google Images which we see when we search 241543903 . This is actually due to the meme of an American artist named David Horvitz started by him “ 241543903 / Head-in-a-Freezer ”. Which David started in April 2009.“ Head in the freezer ” was coded as 241543903 with this number. After which this code became popular on the entire social media platform. This code became so popular that after typing that number in Google, a picture of a girl or boy with her head in the freezer started coming.

David Horvitz’s 241543903 relates to this

First of all, we should know a little about David Horvitz. He is an American artist. Who was born in 1972.They use medium art photography, performing arts and art books for their work. Known for his work in the field of the virtual sphere. David Wuritz graduated from Bard College. David Horvitz is the broadcaster of this number 241543903. He started the communication campaign “ 241543903 / Head-in-Freezer ” in 2009. In which people were encouraged to take photos by putting their heads in the freezer. After that asked his fans to upload the photo with the meta tag “ 241543903 ”.

It had a small moto so that everyone could see the photo of their friends by Googling – Googling in google “ 241543903 ” that was the fun of it.This communication campaign-meme was the most liked on the social network site Orkut in Brazil.241543903 This was the first time that Internet memes were spread through IRL ie “In Real Life”. David Horvitz became even more of a fan favorite after this.

How was this code made, what was the reason behind it, why was this number used only 241543903 . No information has been revealed about this. But later Horwitz told to do it in one of his interviews.

David Horvitz Explained 241543903 In His Interview

After this meme became so famous, David told in an interview that this idea came to my mind after he suggested to his friend Milen who was ill. In which Mylyn was suggested to put her head in the freezer.241543903 This number was an imagery derived from the serial number of that refrigerator, the package of barcodes on the frozen soba noodles of the freezer as well as the bag kept there.He disclosed this in his interview. He also said that it was a good experience for him. Which was made successful by his fence.

241543903 Why did this happen? Discovery of Imsorry

Whenever someone searches this number 241543903 in Google , you will see someone put his head or mouth in the dipper of the fridge like the image below.
Information about this has been given above. By whom this 241543903 has been done. But it is also important to know why this happened.What happened, it happened because of Meta Tag because whenever an image comes in search, it comes only because of its meta tag.So many people tagged this number 241543903 in this social media, due to which it got ranked due to meta tag and social signal.In this image by David Horvitz, people were asked to write this number 241543903 , due to which this image is ranking above this number.

241543903 Information about this available on YouTube

Let us tell you that 241543903 you can see the information available on YouTube about this in the video below. This video Dekho Isko is from this channel. Very good information has been given in it.

In this the second video Агния Огонек is from this channel. In which 241543903 the secret of this number has been told very well.

Conclusion :-What is the story behind the mysterious number 241543903 , wanted to inform you about an interesting fact through this article. Which was due to the funny meme of an American artist whose name was David Horvitz . Which had achieved good fame in Google and O rkut .If you like the information then share it