SpankBang is a no-cost site for no-nonsense porn that you might have missed before. It’s an interesting dataset to look at, with uploads dating back to 2011. It’s an endless amount of porn-related videos featuring renowned pornstars and a broad variety of amateurs. Niches include reality porn, fixing, BBW and others. I highly recommend reading this review thoroughly as we’re diving into the depths. Be prepared for some exclusive features that have never before ever seen (on the tube) features!

When you first go to the site, SpankBang gives an energy of a planned page. It’s similar to xHamster or PornHub Expect not to suck much. The homepage is the cleanest with high-quality thumbnails and live models in the background and a new feature you’ve not previously seen. Trending videos. Other channels are beginning using this function, but I’m confident that SpankBang was first to implement this feature.

Another good feature of SpankBang is the Reddit type feature, with upvotes and downvote. This is a great way to combat spam. There are numerous free videos that have comments However, these are often limited. Every video on this site comes with the comment section. Although, only a small percentage of odd video is enabled. It’s really odd and it can lead to mistaking interesting guests.

It’s difficult to identify the exact amount of videos that are people gushing on However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to see them all. No matter how much you spend all day in the world watching. Quality of video and playback are generally excellent. There are several options when altering the quality of your playback. You can choose from hand-crafted short scenes to full-length sequences. To download, take advantage of the free. Once you have done that you will also be able to stream and download at no cost in HD with no advertisements. Additionally, once you’ve authenticated, you’ll be able to access access to top choices, and the ability to follow the models.

SpankBang offers a certain number of 4K-capable scenes as well as numerous VR videos, some of which are of poor quality. This is a separate category and the 4K switch is able to be activated at the top position in the menu. Most of these are wasted so be aware. In all likelihood, you’re receiving something not as good as its competitors. The “moving” video feel only was transferred to SpankBang in the real world.

Alongside the categories, tags and labels Spank Bang includes browsing features. For instance, it can be used to search for moving, recent, fresh mainstream, and new, all as a record by a pornstar. The whole thing is easy to use. However, video ads that are incorporated into the player’s screen are distracting. There are pop-ups, too. Last but not least, I’d like to focus on the most important aspect of the media player – sexual positions. There are even scenes with position indicators in the events that occur and you are able to go directly to these scenes. This feature was initially used at SpankBang among all the free tube games.

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Final Thoughts

This is what is unique about this website. It keeps surprising you with every more you play with it. Even the most well-known videos may not serve a purpose for your taking pleasure in. The most insightful highlights, however in the present world of technology, is important. So, is possibly one of one of the best sites I’ve used.

In the end, does it right and has a wealth of features and content.


  • High Resolution Scenes
  • Great Content
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Some Ads


  • What is SpankBang? SpankBang can be described as an online live video chat platform that lets you chat with amateur performers and watch their webcam. The video and chat at SpankBang are in real time (unless you’ve chosen an already recorded show) You can talk to the performer and see them talk back and perform for you! SpankBang Performers broadcast live video at their home to you. We are a host of performers of every kind! Explore models by sex appearance, age and Kinks. See guys, girls couples, or special cameras. Find out more about the performers by visiting their bio pages or looking at their photos. After you’ve selected the performer that you’d like to see, you’ll be able to use the guest chat feature to chat with the performer as well as view an excerpt of the show. It’s completely free to access the chat room and the sample images. If you’d want to enter the chat room of the performer and watch streaming video, costs for access to the full room and the pre-recorded video are clearly stated prior to when you can join the chat. Chat fees are per minute cost, and shown in the currency of your choice. Pre-recorded video clips cost $2.99 USD per day for 24 hour access to the artist’s video archive. We don’t charge any monthly or recurring fees to access the site.
  • How do I locate an artist?There are lots of options for you to explore and find the performer. If you know the name of the artist you’re interested in enter it in the search box, then click”search. If the name doesn’t match exactly matched to the performer, we’ll show you a list with the closest matches.If you’re looking for a specific kind of performer, you can type in any keyword in our search field to look up for performer descriptions. You can also look through the vast list of Categories we’ve put together for users on the left of the page to locate the right performer for your preferences. Just click the link you like and we’ll present you with the performers who meet your criteria.The most precise method to search to find a particular performer’s name is through our Advanced Search. Click the Search button on the navigation bar located at on the left and you’ll be able search for almost anything you could think of. Pick as many or a some of the traits as you’d like and we’ll present all performers who match your criteria beginning by the most similar matches. If you’re searching for the exact matches, look for out the “Exact matches only” box on the right side below the Search button prior to making your search.
  • Are all videos live? All video chats have live video except when they are classified as recorded. In live chats, you can converse with as well as interact with performers. The videos recorded in advance could be of earlier cam sessions or performances that the performer has recorded. It is possible to see the video, but there won’t be any dialogue or interaction with the performers.
  • What is the process behind video chat? operate? The performer is equipped with an camera on their end. When you join the live chat it is possible to see the performance live. To observe video chats, you have to install access to the Flash extension to your browser. It’s a relatively simple application. If you don’t already have it, you should find it easy to install. If you have it, it will provide perfect video streaming.In addition, if you are able to see the performer, you are able to communicate between the performer. Certain performers have a microphone setup to record audio, which means they are able to talk to you!
  • What is GOLD? GOLD is a website currency that you can transfer to performers at any time! GOLD is equivalent to 1 US dollar. If you are impressed by the way a performer interacts with you, presenting GOLD can be a fantastic method to express your gratitude.
  • How can I communicate with the person performing? If you are in the chat room of a performer you’ll be able to see the video on the left, a big chat box to the right side, as well as a small space below to type your message. To communicate with the performer, simply type your message into the box in the bottom, then press”Send”, then hit the “Send” button or your enter key to send your message. Your message will be displayed inside the chat window. If the performer replies your message, you’ll be able to see what they said in the box too.You are also able to participate in a voice-to-voice chat session in chat sessions with artists who’ve decided to make this available through our secure telephone service (Note that not every performer has this feature available). You must be in a private chat with the performer to avail this feature. Many performers who have voice-to voice chat enabled will show an icon that indicates they have this feature on their homepage. It is also possible to inquire with the performer whether phone chat is an option , and whether they’re willing to activate this feature for you.
  • What do I do to end the chat? If you’re ready end the chat, select”Disconnect” or click the “Disconnect” button at the top of the page or go to another page of the website via the navigation bar on high-up on the screen. The billing process will close once you’ve completed that. At the conclusion of your private chat, you’ll be offered the chance to evaluate the person who performed. You can make comments as well as give rating details based on the session.
  • How do I set up Cam2Cam? Cam2Cam lets you upload your video to the person performing during private sessions.If you’re having issues accessing your camera or microphone, your solution will be based on the information you get when you hit the button Cam2Cam.If you’re seeing your video play, but disappear within 15 seconds of pressing the button, the artist may have either not received the request or rejected the request. To avoid this from happening from happening again it is possible to inquire with the performer to see whether they’ll agree to your Cam2Cam request prior to sending the request.If you’re not able to see your own video, and there is no action when you click the button, the settings for your video may not be set properly. In both Chrome or Firefox (we recommend using Chrome) open the Privacy and Security settings, and then locate the permissions for your camera and microphone. Change the settings in the direction of “Allow”, refresh browser and then try Cam2Cam again. In Safari select the preference menu > Preferences > Websites > Camera/Microphone.
  • What happens if the performer won’t respond to my requests? This is the purpose of the guest chat is designed for! Performers aren’t obligated to fulfill any request you make however, they are usually ready and eager to perform in your place. The guest chat is the ideal location to inquire from the performer what will or won’t perform. These are real people , broadcasting from their home, and they’ll differ in their preferences and tastes.If you’d like to look to find out what a performer can perform for the benefit of you contact them via the guest chat. If they’re not willing to perform then you can always look for another performer. We have a variety of performers that have different talents and passions So there’s bound to be one that will meet your needs!
  • What is high-definition (HD) video? HD video, also known as “HD” is a higher resolution, bigger-sized video stream. If you have broadband connections such as cable or DSL this is one additional feature you can benefit from with SpankBang! If you notice an HD icon beside the name of a performer, this means they are streaming high-definition video.If you’d prefer viewing a smaller video of a performer when they are streaming in HD You can select to select the “Small” or “Medium” icon on the camera options menu near the end of your chat session.
  • What are discounted block session? Discounted block sessions let you to reserve Premium or Exclusive chats that are 15 30 or 45 minutes in length at a discounted price from the regular per-minute cost. Discounts are offered of 15% off 15-minute blocks. 10 percent off 30-minute blocks, 15 percent off 45-minute blocks, and 20 percent off 60-minute block. After you have selected the time block that you want after submitting your inquiry and the model will decide whether or not to accept the request depending on the availability. If the time is available the session will commence. If you extend until the time block has ended the session will continue at the discounted rate per minute.
  • What happens when the system is unable to connect me to an active block session? If you or the person performing the session fails to connect, you must reconnect back to your session within two hours from the beginning in the duration of your sessionThe cost per minute is not affected by the disconnect. If you are in a position to reconnect, get in touch with support. If you deliberately break the connection prior to you are sure that the Block Session is complete, or fail to reconnect if an issue should occur, you’ll be charged according to the agreement for the session. You may also lose the ability to purchase additional Block Sessions.
  • What is the longest amount of time in which I can get the discount? A block-session can be continued following the allotted time so long as the performers are in attendance. If that is the case, you’ll be offered a discounted cost for the entire session.
  • Why can’t block sessions be made available? Block sessions are only available in the event that your daily limit allows this option, and when the artist has decided to provide these sessions. If you’ve used the entire amount of your daily allowance and you have not used all of it, you’ll be able to choose blocks that do not be over your limit.

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