What is Gokshura? According to the dictionary, “Gokshura” means “applied treatment for infertility”, which was created by an Indian naturopath, Dr. G. S. Gojnekar in 1969. Dr. Ghose had earlier introduced a similar method called “Uttarbasti” (Males names: Arjunaras, Chitrakadi-Vati) which was also used to treat infertility. The name “Applied treatment for infertility” was given by Dr. Ghose to simplify the procedure and make it more accessible to the Western world.

Gokshura(Glycerrhiza Glabra), considered as a potent herb for treating abdominal colic, is believed to improve digestion, strengthens the kidney, strengthens the spleen and cures nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It promotes in keeping the body’s strength and is useful in urinating, keeping the urinary tract clean, keeps the kidney well functioning & is also beneficial for urino sexual functioning. It is an all-natural herbal solution to synthetic male hormones without any medically proven side effects. In addition, it is a very good alternative to drugs with severe side effect like those with luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and progestin, without affecting the production of eggs or reducing sperm count.

There are many ways to take the GoShura herb but most people use a blend of leaves, ground powder and boiled wheat grains. It can be taken once or twice a week. The dosage depends on the person’s weight and the amount of the herbal ingredients required. The herb not only improves strength of the kidney but also improves blood flow to all parts of the body and removes all kinds of toxins that causes fatigue. When taken as a tea, it is helpful for treating the common cold and fever, as well as strengthening the immune system.

GoShura is manufactured in tablet form and should be taken one to two tablets after a meal. It works best if taken at about the same time every day. For adults, a recommended dosage is half a gram to each half a litre of milk. Children should take the full gram to a litre of milk. Also, the exact dosage of GoShura cannot be predicted accurately as it varies with the age of the person taking it.

Mild side effects: nausea, stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea occur from the consumption of GoShura powder. It can cause diarrhea when large doses are consumed. However, if the diarrhea is occurred after consuming small amounts of GoShura tablet, then it is not likely to be caused by the substance.

Children should avoid consuming GoShura if they have stomach pain. This is because some of its side effects include stomach pain and nausea. Some of its benefits include boosting the immune system and helping with weight loss. GoShura helps in stimulating the appetite, which is helpful for losing weight in children.

The side effects of GoShura tablets are also not good for health. In case of overconsumption, it may cause constipation, heartburn, gas, stomach pain and nausea. If you want to experience its health benefits, then make sure to consume it only in the recommended dosage. You can buy GoShura tablets from any health shop or pharmacy. They are available in different forms – tablets, capsules and liquid extract. Buy them from a reliable online store.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this powerful herb to experience the many wonderful benefits of it. If you wish to boost your libido and experience great stamina, then consider using GoShura powder. Powder benefits are just among the many that this powerful herb has to offer.

The benefits of the powder do not end here. However, if you wish to consume this supplement, it is important to consult your doctor first. He will be the best person to advise you as to how much should be consumed and the proper way of consumption. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before using GoShura because the powder may have some side effects.

The main ingredients in GoShura are tribulus terrestris, panax ginseng, Asian ginseng and other herbal extracts. The mixture of these ingredients works wonders for enhancing the overall health of an individual. The powder contains all the mentioned herbs along with some other natural ingredients. It is important to note that the combination of ingredients can improve the overall benefits of the supplement but the manner in which they are consumed greatly affects the result.

One of the most interesting benefits of this supplement is its ability to promote weight loss. The powder is believed to work on the nervous system of an individual by stimulating digestion and giving energy to the body. So, it is best to combine GoShura with a diet that is rich in calories. In addition to that, the herb does not contain any calories and does not produce any harmful side effects. It has been scientifically proven that tribulus terrestris and panax ginseng are the main ingredients of the supplement and they work in synergy by helping to make the overall effect of the supplement.

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Disclaimer : All this information was received through online, please do investigation or consult a doctor before taking any decision.