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What Is Fasting And Why Do You Should Try It?

Many people are familiar with fasting for weight loss, and fasting for diseases such as cancer is also becoming more common among the health-conscious population. Fasting for weight loss can be done successfully by using special diets, supplements, fasting diets and even enemas. Fasting for weight loss is an effective solution to lose excess weight fast. But what exactly is fasting? And is it safe to fast?

Intermittent Fasting: intermittent fasting is when you stop eating regular meals for a certain amount of time each day. You do not eat any solid food for a period of time longer than one day per week. If you have difficulty adhering to a regular eating schedule, intermittent fasting is a good alternative. Fasting for weight loss is an age-old procedure that dates back to around the 4th century BC. Fasting has its pros and cons. For instance, it has been suggested that fasting can lead to nutritional deficiencies and other problems.

One of the best reasons to start fasting would be to start following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Fasting for weight loss should ideally be combined with a sensible eating plan, adequate water intake and regular exercise. If you eat twelve hours in a day, you will be consuming twice the calories. This time-restricted feeding will help your body burn up all the extra fat that you consume, and your metabolism will be triggered to burn fat more efficiently.

Some of the good eating habits to adopt while on intermittent fasting would be eating smaller meals at frequent intervals, rather than all at once. You should make a decision not to eat a large meal immediately before bedtime. Eating a small meal every two or three hours along with some healthy snacks will enable your body to stay active during the night. You should also try to cut down on your calorie intake by at least ten percent, as this will help you lose some weight.

Research shows that intermittent fasting helps to increase your metabolism, which helps to burn up fat much faster. It also increases the amount of adenosine triphosphate, which speeds up your metabolic rate. This will in turn boost your energy levels and improve your ability to lose weight. If you are overweight, research shows that eating several small meals a day will help to reduce your overall body mass index.

Research also shows that diabetic patients on intermittent fasting diets experience significant weight loss. If you are diabetic, you should consult your physician before starting a fast. A study done in Finland revealed that women who followed a special diet including fasting for one day before surgery reduced their blood glucose level by almost 11 percent compared to those who did not fast. Older adults who have type 2 diabetes and high body weight also benefited from fasting. Their mean body weight was reduced by more than four percent.

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