Khatrimaza or Karcherza is one of the famous Indian movie channels on satellite television. It can be seen in most of the Hindi satellite TV channels in India and even in Australia. The name Khatrimaza comes from two words “khatri” which means a stream and “ragra” meaning a weapon. Hence it is known as Karcherza or a weapon.

Khatrimaza offers a wide range of Bollywood and Hollywood films and television series. It has become a source of attraction for many people who love to watch Hollywood movies and T.V. in India. Khatrimaza is also a piracy-free movie download website and free movie lover’s portal.

Khatrimaza offers the latest movies on television series, music, and various other media in high quality audio and video streams. Many of the Khatrimaza show episodes live and people can watch them at their own pace. People can easily access to the latest television shows on different channels like Comedy, Drama, Reality, Kids, Sports, and others. And with an Internet connection one can easily stream the TV series, music videos, and films on to their computers and mobile phones. This online TV service also lets people stream videos from all over the world and enjoy watching their favorite kiddie shows and the latest Hindi movies with super HD quality.

With so much popularity on the internet Khatrimaza illegal downloading sites have also flourished. Several websites on the web are used to promote this activity. They make sure that the downloading process is legal and safe. While there are several illegal downloading websites, most of them do not work. Some even transfer the illegally downloaded programs to the computers of customers without permission. So, it is always better to go through one of the legitimate khatrimaza websites to download movies and videos.

The movies and videos available on the Khatrimaza website are in high-definition format and encoded with the highest security measures. And as per the wishes of the directors and producers, only original full-length movies and video clips are provided. There are no replays or copies of any movies and videos on these streaming websites. Khatrimaza users and subscribers are legally allowed to download, stream, and view the content in its original form.

Most of the new releases and upcoming movies on the market are available on these streaming websites. The subscription fee is affordable and the customer can enjoy watching his favorite shows or movies without any charges. Khatrimaza offers a large variety of high-definition content and movies. To name a few, here are some of the most recent releases: “Men in Black II”, “Desperate Housewives”, “The Informant!” and many more. These movies are provided at a reasonable price and one does not have to face any kind of piracy issues with the help of this new website.

The Khatrimaza portal also provides a platform for Kollywood 1080p releases of popular TV shows, movies and videos. It has a collection of more than 800 Punjabi movies and tele serials. The platform also features a database of all the popular Punjabi TV shows. The database includes all the popular channels, which air Punjabi movies on TV. Some of these are: DAILY LIFE, SKITZ, TODAY’S HOOT, AND NOW, BABY DOT COME, MATA HONEY, KITPED, ZEER SOON, and many more. One can get to know about all these by browsing the portal.

The Khatrimaza portal is an innovative and resourceful way to watch various movies and shows through the television. By logging in to Khatrimaza, one can access the database of movies, tele serials, as well as television shows from all the leading channels in India, simultaneously. The portal is hosted by the company called Nemade Media, who also provide a number of other entertainment services. It offers free membership to their online community, where members can share information about all the latest releases and TV shows. They can also upload their own photos and favorite videos to share with others. With so many options, Khatrimaza by Nemade Media is truly a revolution in terms of quality, availability and selection of television shows in various languages for every kind of audience.