Practicality is an important criterion when choosing bathroom fixtures. According to the warranty obligations of most of the largest manufacturers, the service life of devices is from 10 to 20 years. And, of course, when buying an expensive product for a long time, you want it to have good characteristics, high quality, reliable and convenient. In this article, we will provide some valuable tips for choosing practical and functional plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing equipment – Bathtub

The most reliable and time-tested option is cast iron baths. They are ready to serve for centuries, but the enamel gradually loses its shine in use, and the color fades. In addition, cast iron baths are less variable in shape (more massive) and design, very heavy, which complicates transportation and subsequent dismantling. In this, they are superior to acrylic products. An acrylic bath is lighter, its surface does not lose its color over time, but its care should be gentle and gentle, using special detergents. The most economical option is a steel bathtub. The low price is its main advantage. However, wall decoration with ceramic tiles is not always combined with the texture of a steel bathtub. Therefore, the bathroom design will need to be carefully thought out and adjusted to fit it, which is not always justified. In addition, when collecting water, the structure is very noisy, which causes discomfort during the operation.

Bathroom vanity and sink

Choosing a sink or bathroom vanity is also not an easy task, although, at first glance, it may seem easy modern vanity or traditional style? Porcelain sanitary ware does not absorb odors and dirt: it is considered the most hygienic, while it is pretty durable. The design of the sink must be ergonomic. It is better to choose a product without sharp corners and the size, of 24 inch bathroom vanity or 84″ vanity taking into account the area of ​​the bathroom and other plumbing fixtures placed.

Toilet bowl

When choosing toilet bowls, it is also better to give preference to porcelain. In comparison with earthenware, it is less porous, therefore, does not absorb odors and dirt, is easy to clean, and is much more practical. The toilet bowl is selected so that the shape of its base matches the parameters of the sewer drain, and the model itself, in its external features, fits into the design of the bathroom.

Other plumbing fixtures

Faucets and shower racks, which are also necessary for every bathroom, usually have a chrome finish, which fully meets the quality requirements and is optimally suited to any interior. It makes sense to use unusual solutions in plumbing design when the interior requires it!

Recently, nickel-plated sanitary ware has gained popularity, as well as bronze faucets and models with gold or silver sputtering. Such a choice is justified if the decorative finish of the bathroom insistently requires it, or, for example, bathroom furniture contains bronze, gold, or silver inserts. Otherwise, these trendy models are in no way superior to conventional chrome plumbing fixtures.

Practical plumbing

To create comfort, it is necessary to adhere to proportional ratios. To make a small bathroom look harmonious and comfortable, you can replace an ordinary corner bath or put a shower cabin instead. This approach will save space. Bathroom furniture in the form of cabinets and bedside tables is appropriate only in spacious rooms. If the bathroom is narrow, then floating vanity should be preferred. Thus, thanks to the variety of models of modern sanitary ware, even the interior of a small bathroom can easily be comfortable and harmonious.