Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine commonly used by people to relieve constipation. But do you know that it is not only a medicine to remove constipation but it has many benefits. Triphala has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Triphala Tablets is considered as a chemical medicine for rejuvenating the body in Ayurveda. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the benefits of Triphala and the dosage of Triphala churna.

What is Triphala?

Triphala is a combination of three Ayurvedic herbs. These three herbs are:

  • Gooseberry
  • Bahera
  • Harad

The mixture of the powders of these three fruits is called Triphala. It should always be consumed according to the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor.

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How to make Triphala Churna

Although Patanjali Triphala Churna is easily available in the market, but if you want to make it at home also, then you can make it easily. For this, make a fine powder by taking 1-1 part of the rind of myrobalan, the peel of the gooseberry and the kernels extracted from the gooseberry, keep it safe and consume it. -(Lt.)

Usual Dosage of Triphala

At bedtime, 3 to 9 grams of Triphala powder can be taken with warm water or milk. Apart from this, the odd part can also be taken with ghee or honey.

benefits of triphala

People of all ages can use Triphala as a chemical medicine. Apart from this, regular consumption of Triphala prevents stomach related diseases. This medicine is also beneficial in serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure. Let us know in detail about some of its major benefits.

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aids in constipation

Constipation has been described in Ayurveda as the root of many serious diseases. If you are suffering from constipation, then there may be many serious diseases like piles, fissures in future. Triphala churna is considered an effective medicine to remove constipation. It is also very useful for patients suffering from chronic constipation.

Usage method:

To remove constipation, take one teaspoon Triphala powder mixed with lukewarm water every night before sleeping.

Relief from the problem of gas in the stomach (acidity)

Apart from constipation, another problem related to the stomach is acidity, due to which most of the people are troubled. This problem occurs due to wrong eating and irregular living habits. Triphala churna provides relief from all diseases like flatulence, gas problem (hyperacidity) etc.

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Usage method:

Take half teaspoon Triphala powder with water daily in the morning, afternoon and evening.

beneficial for eyes

Very few people know that Triphala churna is also beneficial for the eyes. Along with keeping the eyes healthy, it also protects the eyes from many diseases.

Usage method:

Soak a spoonful of Triphala powder in cold water overnight. The next morning, filter it and separate the water and wash the eyes thoroughly with that water. By doing this, the eyesight increases and many diseases related to the eyes are prevented.

Aids in weight loss and obesity

If you are troubled by increasing weight and obesity and want to get rid of it quickly, then Triphala can be an effective medicine for you. According to Ayurveda, Triphala has such properties that it is helpful in increasing digestion power and reducing weight. Therefore, take Triphala churna regularly.

Usage method:

Mix one spoon of Triphala powder in 200 ml of water and keep it overnight. Next morning boil this water till it reduces to half. Now take this remaining mixture with 2 spoons of honey. By consuming it regularly, obesity starts reducing within a few weeks.   

Increases Digestive Power

Due to weak digestion power, the risk of many diseases increases. According to Ayurveda, Triphala has such properties that make the digestive power strong and reduce the risk of stomach related diseases. Therefore, if your digestive power is weak, then start taking Triphala after consulting a doctor.

stops hair fall

Nowadays most of the people are troubled by the problem of hair fall and keep trying new ways to stop hair fall every day. But if you take the help of Ayurveda, then you can get rid of the problem of hair fall. According to Ayurvedic experts, hair fall can be reduced to a great extent by taking Triphala churna.

Usage method:

Mix 2-5 grams Triphala powder in 125 ml Loha Bhasma and consume it daily in the morning and evening.

increases appetite

Triphala contains Amla, Harad and Bahera and all these three fruits are very beneficial for the stomach. This is the reason why Triphala churna is considered to be the best medicine for almost all problems related to stomach. Mentioning its properties in Ayurveda, it has been written that its consumption increases appetite and digestive power. Therefore, if you feel less hungry or have weak digestive power, then take Triphala powder regularly.

Beneficial in urinary problems

Triphala churna is also useful in urinary problems. Its consumption provides relief from problems like frequent urination, burning in urine etc.

Usage method:

Consumption of triphala, pomegranate and chironji together is useful in urinary problems.

Useful in gonorrhea 

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacterial infection. This disease can happen to both men and women. Triphala churna is useful in the treatment of gonorrhea. However, for gonorrhea, use Triphala churna only as per the doctor’s advice.

beneficial in leprosy

Leprosy is a skin related problem in which white spots, lumps or sores appear on the skin. According to Ayurvedic experts, the consumption of Triphala is beneficial in leprosy. If you are suffering from leprosy, then take Triphala churna according to the advice of the doctor.

beneficial in malaria

The outbreak of malaria increases significantly during the summer and monsoon season. This mosquito-borne disease is very common in children. Triphala churna is helpful in getting relief from fever caused by malaria. It can be consumed by people of any age.

usage method

Taking 20 ml decoction prepared from Triphala is considered beneficial in malaria.

Now you are well aware of the benefits of Triphala. Keep in mind that if you are using Triphala in the treatment of any serious disease, then consume it only according to the advice of the doctor.