Pakistan’s most popular commercial property investments include office towers, retail stores, shopping centers, industrial sites, factories, and mixed-use developments with flats and shops. If you’re looking to invest in commercial property, you may need to spend more money upfront. However, it will provide a greater and more reliable rental income in the long run. As far as investments go, real estate in Pakistan is among the best and most secure. Rawalpindi’s commercial estate can be a good investment for individuals wishing to take advantage of the twin cities’ booming and profitable property market. To create rental revenue, several considerations must be considered in Pakistan when purchasing a commercial property, whether it be an investment site or a shop or office complex. As part of this process, you’ll need to look at current industry trends, assess your risk tolerance and explore nearby services and infrastructure.

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Bahria Town Rawalpindi

At the summit of the list of the top commercial complexes in Rawalpindi is Bahria Town, which is renowned for its modern infrastructure and modern facilities. Many areas of a well-planned residential development can be found near the GT Road. Bahria Town Phase 8, Bahria Town Phase 7, & Bahria Town Phase 4 seem to be the most sought-after sites for business property purchases in the development plan. You may easily locate shops, offices, and commercial shops for purchase in Bahria Town that meets your budgets and needs because some development portions are less congested than others.

The Address

Commercial projects like The Address are thought to be of the highest calibre. Its infrastructure will feature both true grace and innovative art. An ideal solution for any situation can be found in this project. You’ll find a high-quality indoor shopping mall and upscale apartments in the complex. Falaknaz Group, a Karachi real estate mogul, is building The Address. In the heart of Bahria Town’s Phase 7 neighbourhood. This seven-story structure covers an area of 40 Kanals. They have reserved the three floors of the basement for parking only. Additionally, there is a shopping centre, amusement park and food court, a movie theatre, spa, gym, and a whole business district. In addition, two other buildings are being proposed that will house both corporate offices and apartments. It’s also a long-term investment from a financial one. A lot of people like the developer. 15% of the total amount will be required as a down payment. The price per square foot for shops, offices, and apartments varies depending on the level of the building.

Chakri Road Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi’s Chakri Road, which linked the Chakri neighbourhood with the Army Airbase and is considered an essentially rural and urban transportation trail, is yet another leading business investment zone. It’s an excellent investment potential for individuals wishing to buy business premises in Rawalpindi’s Chakri Road region, which is in various phases of development. Most of the necessities of normal life can be found at or close to Chakri Road housing projects. Wastewater treatment and sanitary systems must be in place to meet the population’s needs. Chakri Road is home to numerous schools, hospitals, playgrounds, and businesses. You may easily locate a commercial property on Chakri Road that is within your budget and meets all of your requirements, despite the wide range in prices.

Capital Smart City

In Rawalpindi’s much-needed residential complex, Capital Smart City, Commercial Properties is among the most searched. One of the primary selling features of Capital Smart City in Rawalpindi is its superb location. Residential, business, and leisure sectors are separated in Capital Smart City. Finnish Square, Aviation Village, and FDH Buildings are part of the commercial sector. Payment plans are provided in four, six, eight, and ten marlas, with various options for each unit.

The Dominion Mall

This is a brand-new development with a mix of residential and business uses. It will be the most sought-after retail destination in the Twin Cities. In the eighth phase of Bahria town, Phase 8. It’s at a great location, just next to the Statue of Liberty. It has a landmass of 36.18 Kanals and is spread out over 16 floors. The shopping complex will occupy five levels. More than 200,000 well-known brands and 1200 retailers will be on display. Booking begins with a 10% down payment, and the remaining balance is paid in 16 quarterly and 48 monthly instalments.

There are many opportunites for investing in housing societies.


The city of Rawalpindi is a major metropolis. It is estimated that the metropolis has over 2 million people. As a consequence, the population is growing at an ever-increasing rate. People move from the suburbs to get better services and facilities. Because of this, several housing projects were established to meet the growing need for housing. Several business projects are also being built in the region.

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