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Top 5 Smartphones – A Comparison Between Apple iPhones and Windows Phones

In this new smartphone guide, we are going to discuss the top 5 smartphones of all times. Smartphones have come a long way from their earliest invention to today’s high-tech devices that can fit in your pocket. With so many features and great value for money, these handsets are becoming the norm in the workforce and giving them a run for their money. We have gone through the criteria that a smartphone needs to be considered when making our list.

So what are we looking for in the top 5 smartphones? To start with, we have to ask ourselves whether these smartphones fall into the mid-range or high-end category. If we say mid-range, then we need to look at smartphones like Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc, HTC Desire HD or Nokia E71 and compare them with the smartphones in the high-end category like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Evo Shift. On the other hand, high-end smartphones include the iPhone and Nokia E71 with its 8 mega-pixels camera, Adreno id 3.2 camera, dual SIM cards, and other specifications that really put them in an elite class.

The next criteria we have for the top 5 smartphones is battery life. Smartphones today are designed to offer you the convenience of staying connected over a long-term basis without the need to plug in several times just to check if you’ve sent or received a message. As such, users would definitely look at a smart phone’s battery life as a core factor in choosing a smartphone. Smartphones with long battery life would definitely be on our list since they are light on the pocket and don’t require a bunch of additional accessories like cases. Furthermore, it should also be light on the pocket since it’s a representative of the manufacturer’s quality.

The next criteria for the top five smartphone is connectivity. Being an internet enabled smartphone, an Android smartphone will most likely have access to various internet resources like Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube. Windows Phone smartphones on the other hand, will only be able to make use of the standard Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The truth about these two platforms is that they were introduced first by Microsoft. If we were to pit the two against each other, then Android would have won by a mile as it provides an excellent browsing experience, much more superior than the former’s Office suite, but it will never be able to compete with the functionality and speed of Windows Phone.

One other aspect that both platforms share is the ability to take a picture and videos. Video playback on Android devices is far better than that of iPhones since they support the HD (high-definition) video formats. The only downside about this is that you’ll have to pay a pretty penny to download it. On the flip side, Windows Phones has no camera advantage over their Android counterparts. Therefore, if you’re after mobile video editing abilities then you might prefer the Windows Phone over the other two choices.

So which smartphone ranks top in the humble opinion of technology buffs and phone aficionados? According to most experts and aficionados, the iPhone holds the top spot due to the user friendliness and appeal. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to the other two platforms and offers features that will definitely satisfy even the most finicky user. If you think you might want an Apple iPhone, then you can grab one from any iPhone shop, or if you want a cheap and reliable device, then the 808 PureView is the phone you’ve been looking for.

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