The advent of technology and rapid digitization in recent years has changed our lives. Whether the changes are good or bad is a matter of debate, although one cannot argue there has been a significant impact on jobs. Gone are the days where a college degree was the only thing between you and your dream job. Most industries these days tend to hire individuals based on skills and not knowledge, the IT industry is the perfect example for one such industry.

With the IT industry growing each year these are some of the skill-based certifications that are believed to explode in demand over the next few years and can give your career a boost.

1) Python Development

Ask any non-IT person what the most important IT skill is and he will probably say coding, what he won’t be able to say is which coding language will give you a professional advantage over others. While relatively new to the group of languages Python Development is easily one of the most in-demand IT skills in the market.

Even though Python is a high-level programming language it’s easier to learn and implement than some popular mid-level languages like JAVA and C++ making it a preference for developers and companies alike. Not to mention the versatility of python means you can use it for practically everything from web development to app development. It was the most wanted language for the fourth year in a row making it a must for anyone looking for a career in IT.

2) SQL

SQL is one of the languages that has successfully stood the test of time. Developed in the early ’70s at IBM to efficiently manage their database, SQL continues to be the market leader with practically zero competition even to this day. With the IT industry expanding every year, Databases will get more connected and complex fueling the need for highly skilled SQL developers. It is already considered one of the most in-demand skills by freelancing websites like Upwork.

If you are an aspiring IT professional you might want to look for a SQL certification online course.

3) Machine learning

AI, what seemed like science fiction less than a decade ago is now practically everywhere. It is impossible to imagine our world without these smart programs, from our smartphones to our smart TVs, Al is everywhere. It is estimated that the AI market size will be $266.92 Billion by the year 2027, with its projected contribution to the economy being that of $15 Trillion by the year 2030. If there’s something imminent from the above statistics it’s the fact that Machine Learning will be one of the most in-demand skills in the future.

The demand for machine learning is already booming in the industry and it only shows signs of increase. So, if you’re planning a career in IT, it might be wise to check out some machine learning online courses.


These were our picks for the top three IT certifications to give your career a boost. Looking at the current market trends we believe these skills to skyrocket in demand. Will you pursue any of these?