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Things To Do And See In Buckingham Fountain

A mile north of the Arboretum in the northeast Chicago neighborhood of North Park is the iconic Buckingham Fountain. Built as an ornamental water feature for the new Lincoln Park Children’s Zoo, the fountain sits at the foot of a beautiful playground overlooking the lake. The museum purchased the fountain in 1931 for the Park District, so it could have a natural “water feature” for the children. Today, the fountain serves as a popular park attraction, with tours of the entire property, gardens and eventss taking place throughout the year.

Anyone who’s ever seen a Chicago water show at the Lincoln Park Children’s Zoo will know why the Buckingham Fountain lies just north of the zoo. But those who have never visited the park or the fountain should make a trip to see what a sight to see during their next visit. Lincoln Park visitors should take the time to walk along the lake to the historic Buckingham Fountain where they’ll enjoy the beautiful sight of the falling water and see a free flow of people moving across the water as they enjoy the gentle music and the soothing sounds of the water feature.

If you live in or around the neighborhoods of Lincoln Park or North Park, this is a must see park for you and your family to enjoy. With three main attractions and over two miles of beautiful lake, you will find no better place to relax on a lazy afternoon, let the kids play in the sand or just enjoy the beauty of nature in all its glory. From Lincoln Park Children’s Zoo to the wonderful fountains located right near the park, Chicago has a lot to offer when it comes to fun and relaxation.

While Lincoln Park fountains may be the most popular attractions within the park, some are beginning to form friendships, love and other meaningful relationships while enjoying the sights and sounds of the park. If you have not been to the Buckingham Fountain, then you are definitely missing out on a one of a kind opportunity to see one of the most stunning works of art available anywhere. Located right on the water, the Buckingham Fountain consists of five natural stone sculptures, two of which sit on the lake itself. The other two sculptures are placed at strategic locations around the lake itself.

The Buckingham Fountain was designed by sculptor Peter Kauffmann and is considered one of the finest examples of twentieth century art within the United States. It was commissioned by the New York State Governor Thomas Jefferson himself, who commissioned it to celebrate the signing of the treaty with Great Britain. The statue of liberty that sits upon the waterscape at the base of the fountain is one of the most well known of all of its work, as it captures the tone of the period perfectly. Other statues include the Liberty Bell, a fire hydrant, a statue of Thomas Jefferson and a statue of St. Lawrence. There is even a small children’s play area located near the water show, which is sure to be a place where kids love to visit every day.

If you are looking for an even more peaceful place to take in your favorite water show, you will want to check out the Shedd Aquarium & Zoo. It has a wide range of marine wildlife including several varieties of sea turtles. This popular zoo also offers a few other attractions, including the Nautilus roller coaster, the Shedd Aquarium & Zoo Shop and the beautiful Nautilus restaurant. For people who do not like crowds of people and underwater creatures, the Shedd Aquarium & Zoo provide some private viewing areas as well. All of these beautiful attractions make this two mile long dock a perfect place for a vacation in Buckingham, Rhode Island.

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