While the global travel market is still changing, the general trend seems to be a gradual reopening as many countries hit a milestone on vaccination destinations and may start thinking about your tourists Economy again. 

Here is an overview of the recently reopened countries that have lifted travel bans for more than a year. 

 Chile opens fully to fully vaccinated tourists 


From the 1st it is charged for fully vaccinated tourists. Unvaccinated people are still prohibited from entering the country for tourist purposes. Foreigners can visit from October 1st but must undergo a five-day quarantine york tech d2l

India ends travel ban for foreign tourists 


India introduced a travel ban for foreigners in March 2020 by not allowing visas for tourist reasons and recently announced that it will reissue tourist visas for travelers from October 15 through charter flights. 

India’s travel industry was paralyzed by a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from Covid19 in 2021 with up to 4,000 deaths per day. Now, with up to 20,000 new cases per day, it will try to boost tourism again in 2020. Figures show fewer than 3 million people visited the country, 75% more than in 2019. Fiji opens its borders after a 21-month ban. 


Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama said in a statement that, “In the interests of tens of thousands of Fijians and their families who depend on our tourism industry, we are also preparing to make Fiji one of the safest travel destinations in the world.” The country reopens to travelers after a 21-month ban on tourism, and travel for everyone on the green list from other countries without quarantine as reported by USA Today. 

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are now open to Europeans 


The EU has added Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to your safe list, countries where travel restrictions no longer should apply. However, EU countries can decide to introduce their travel restrictions if they deem it necessary CostumesHyps

The recently revised list now includes Australia, Bahrain (new), Canada, Chile, Jordan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates (new), Uruguay, and China subject to confirmation of reciprocity. 

Britain opened 47 listed countries. 


In one of the most radical changes in travel policy, Britain removed 47 countries from its red list and opened the vacation market to countries like Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, and the Caribbean. The result was an explosion of international bookings for UK travel agents. InteleTravel agents saw booking volumes up 54% over pre-pandemic 2019 bookings. 

 Martin Ferguson, vice president of public affairs for American Express Global Business Travel, said he welcomed the government’s announcement that “the red travel list will be limited to seven countries to reduce. The positive momentum of a safe return to international travel continues to fuel the recovery of the aviation and travel industry. 

The seven countries that remain on the red list are Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Haiti, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic, as reported by The Telegraph, requiring mandatory quarantine in government-designated hotels in the UK for a total cost of £. Prescribe 2,285 per person ($ 3,110).