Modern technology provides numerous revenue and cost-saving opportunities and makes it possible for owners of hotel businesses to achieve a new level of profitability. Smart technology is causing serious changes and is changing how everything is managed, and this also extends to the vacation rental sector, in particular for those that own multiple properties. On many fronts, the vacation rental industry is leading the way in the adoption of small technology which is helping to take this industry to a whole new level. For you to boost your vacation rental’s operational performance, you have to keep your costs low.

Among the software that can help boost your hotel business are staff collaboration software, property management software, engineering, and housekeeping software, and financial reporting software.

Here are ways that you can use technology to improve the performance of your vacation rentals

1. Smart energy management

Smart thermostats, as well as sensors, can help to monitor and also respond to fluctuations that may exist in your vacation rental’s occupancy. The best smart energy management systems employ high-tech machine learning algorithms to analyze the external environments and ensure that energy consumption is optimized all year round. With these smart systems, you can reduce your energy spending by up to 25 percent, which helps to improve the bottom line of your properties.

2. Mobile room keys 

Some vacation homes today are implementing technology that allows their customers access via apps that have been installed on their phones. This is beneficial not only for the property manager or host who manages the property but also for the guests that are staying in the property as they don’t have to manage their hotel cards.

3. Predictive maintenance

There are instances where maintenance routines may go unnoticed and if it’s not attended to could escalate and become costly to maintain. With the best vacation rental management systems, you will not have to wait until a system fails before you send in maintenance staff to check on it. With the right technology installed, your maintenance technicians will be able to determine your maintenance needs based on how the system is used, and this helps to cut the cost of operating a faulty system. You will find that some web-based platforms keep collecting data that is related to how your property’s HVAC works, and you can know how quickly a room can get heated to suit the preferences of the customer.

4. Smart marketing practices

When marketing your rooms to a larger audience, free vacation rental software helps to make things easier. With smart marketing technology like Lodgable, diverse channels and manage them more effectively. In this day where competition is intense, property managers that leverage technology will not only remain competitive but stay ahead of the curve.


Many software systems can be leveraged to manage your vacation rental. With the best system, a vacation rental can coordinate its operations, market to a wider audience, and engage in customer-centric practices that ensure a better customer experience. Facilitating effective energy management and putting in place timely maintenance practices are possible with the help of the best systems.