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Tequila With Soda – Is It Really Better For You?

Is it true that a small bit of soda water mixed with a squeeze of lime is good for your health? Many people claim to know the answer to this question. Others claim that drinking soda water with meals is nothing but a big load of junk. Well, let us see how it all works and discover what exactly soda is good for.

The Diet soda with the tiny little squeeze of lime juice is good for cutting down on snacking, but it’s really not a healthy drink to begin with. The calories per fluid ounce are more than you will ever find in diet sodas. Most of them contain about the same amount of calories per serving. So, for this reason alone, I would say that you shouldn’t even consider using Diet soda with meals at all.

What makes Diet Pepsi “good” as a tequila soda mixer is its subtle flavors. As with most low calorie and sugar free drinks, the flavors are generally not the strongest or sharpest. One flavor you can notice in many beverages is a kind of licorice flavor. You don’t taste the licorice flavor in every bottle of diet pop that you drink, but if you look out for it, you just might notice it somewhere in the bottle.

How about a Mexican Coke or Fanta? These are also low calorie and nearly tasteless. The difference is that they are packed with calories and sugar. If you want to cut your drinks out of your diet entirely, you should stay away from these. They will do nothing for your body and may even cause damage to your arteries.

The final item on our short list of the best tequila for dieting is the Seltzer. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to try one of those seltzer water glasses, then you know what we’re talking about. They are often seltzer water with a little bit of ice in the glass. While this garnish doesn’t technically make a bad drink, there’s no substitute! The ice doesn’t really add any flavor to the drink, which is nice when trying to limit calories per serving. It does, however, have an icy cool effect that is enjoyed by many people.

So which is better, the seltzer glass or the garnish? In our opinion, the garnish wins every time. Now that you have a basic knowledge of what flavorings you should be looking for in the right cocktail mix, you’ll be able to easily distinguish between a good seltzer and a poor one. For best results, you should always serve your tequila with soda. If you’re not comfortable with that idea, don’t worry, as most people won’t notice.

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