We are almost halfway through the summer season and as the temperature soars, it’s best to reconsider our skincare regime to beat the rising heat. The humid weather is bound to cause dehydration, sweat, irritation, acne and other breakouts on the skin. Perhaps that’s why this season brings along a dire need to take care of the skin and follow the right regime to give the care it needs.

Adhering to the correct order of skin care routine is important which includes the right use of products, avoiding direct contact with the sun and building a routine to avoid summer-related issues. As we move to the hotter months, we have enclosed a few do’s and don’ts of summer skincare so that you can boost your skin health by making a few tweaks. 

Summer Skin Care-Do’s and Don’ts’s

Wash Your Face at Atleast Twice a Day 

Summers season is mostly hot and humid and makes our faces sweaty and oily. That’s why cleansing the face is regarded as one of the important and first steps toward a skin care routine. It aims at removing all the piled-up dirt, sweat, oil and sebum from the face and leaving it clean and fresh. Wash your face thoroughly using a mild and foam-producing Facewash at least twice a day and use a Facial Cleansing Tool that is crafted with soft bristles to deeply clean the face and pores that get clogged due to impurities. 

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Whether you stay indoors or step out, always remember to apply sunscreen to combat harmful sunrays. SPF-infused sunscreen cream protects the skin from UV rays, sunburns, rashes and acne. Go for the sunscreens that are lightweight and come with the goodness of hydrating formula to keep the skin refreshed throughout the day. These days a lot of prominent make-up brands are coming up with SPF-infused beauty products that are worth picking in this season, hence you can use them as well.

Avoid Heavy and Oily Make-Up 

Applying multiple make-up products altogether prevents skin from breathing freely and often results in a meltdown due to excessive sweating. Hence, always prefer lightweight and transfer-proof make-up during the summer season. You can skip wearing heavy foundation and instead use light BB cream as a base. They don’t make the face look cakey, instead keep your face fresh, hydrated and brighten the complexion. 

Don’t Overscrub Your Face

There’s no denying that exfoliating the face and other body parts is one of the favorite ways to get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities from the face. However, if done in excess, it can damage the skin with rashes and itchiness. Skin exfoliation once or twice a week is okay but one should avoid doing it regularly as it can lead to puffiness and dry skin and may result in breakouts getting worse. Prefer using Body Bath Brush made up of natural bristles for gentle cleansing and exfoliation. 

Keep Your Body Hydrated and Moisturized

The rise in temperature and scorching heat leaves our bodies dehydrated and can cause headaches and fatigue. The summer season can take a toll on anyone, hence it is important to keep your body hydrated and refreshed. Make a point to drink water and other summer drinks in an adequate amount. The right intake of different liquids cleanses the body, maintains the energy level, clears the skin and also improves digestion. Along with hydration, also ensure to keep your skin moisturized no matter if it’s oily or dry. 

Simply follow this easy guide and protect your skin from harmful sunrays.