Dates are a nutritious dry fruit. It has dates in English. Eating it removes weakness. There is strength in the body. Eating dates is also beneficial in hiccup fever, phlegm, fainting, spasm, urinary disease, hepatitis, asthma, pain due to bile etc. It is useful to cure vata-phlegm disorder, enhancer and ejaculatory and thickening.

According to Ayurveda, dates are cold in nature or taseer. It is sweet in juice and baking. It is considered smooth, interesting, good for the heart. Dates are heavy, digestible, satisfying. The use of dates is beneficial in loss of appetite, weight loss, decay, sore throat, blood pressure, hemorrhage, constipation etc.

Dates are also very nutritious. These contain vitamin C , vitamin A, nicotinic acid, riboflavin, thia min and about 60-80% sugar. Dried date palm contains two and a half percent protein, fat half percent, carbohydrate 76-83 percent, calcium 36 percent and phosphorus 129 mg and iron 4 mg per 100 grams. The high composition of carbohydrates, salts and minerals, dietary fiber, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids in dates makes it very nutritious.

Dates play an role in anti-oxidant, inflammation reduction, prevention of diseases through anti-bacterial activity. A wide range of other phenolic compounds, including p-coumaric, ferulic, and sinapic acids, flavonoids, procyanidins, are responsible for antioxidant activity. Antioxidants are chemicals / substances that interact and neutralize free radicals, preventing further damage. Prevention of free radicals is an important step in the management of disease.

But despite the goodness of this, if you eat it in large quantities then you may suffer loss.

Eating large amounts of dates daily can cause the following side effects

gaining weight

Eating more dates can lead to weight gain. It contains 60–80% sugar. If you are eating it in large amounts daily, then the increase in weight can definitely be done.

Being high in sugar and calories, eating a lot of dates can lead to weight gain. If you are trying to lose weight, then you should not eat a lot of dates.

Blood sugar

Take dates are not calories. If you are eating four dates then you get 266 calories and about 64 grams of sugar.

People who have a sugar problem, especially those with type 2 diabetes, should avoid eating dates because it is not good for their health. Do not consume too many dates as it can increase your blood sugar level.

Cavity in teeth

Dates contain sugar and excessive intake of sugar content causes tooth decay. If called date palm several times a day, then the teeth can rot.

Stomach gas and pain

Date can cause stomach ache. The most common reason for this is high fiber content, sulfite sensitivity, food allergy. It is common to have stomach gas and gas pain due to eating too much fiber.


By eating more dates, more fiber goes into the body, which can cause loose motion.


Dates contain sulfites that are prone to allergies. Allergy has symptoms of asthma, rhinitis urticaria, anaphylaxis, wheezing etc.

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Heavy to digest

Dates are heavy to digest. It is not digestible. People whose digestion is weak should consume it in small quantities.

Dates should be eaten, but in right quantity. According to digestion, eat only ten-fifteen grams of dates. If digestion is weak, eat only one date. If you eat more then you will suffer from stomach pain, gas problem and weight will increase. So if you want to take the benefits of dates, then eat it in moderation. In this way, you will be able to eat it for even more days.