PRODEG is a management consultancy firm as well as a training and education company located in Curitiba, Brazil. PRODEG offer services such as engineering auditing, training, and consulting to a variety of countries in Latin America as well. Prodeg has been operating for over 30 years. It provides services to various industries, such as transportation, telecommunications, food and beverages retail, construction oil, gas, education and much more . Prodeg’s headquarter is in Brazil. Prodeg is a consulting and Management Company that offers consultancy services to large and medium businesses in industries, commerce as well as service providers, professional associations and trade unions.

What are the services Prodeg provides?


The most popular services offered by prodeg are cultural programs including franchises and networks engineering certifications, compliance, and many more.

1. Cultural programs

Cultural programmes can affect employees’ behavior, so they are essential to any organization within a culture that constantly strives to improve. Making investments in the Culture programs can be a way to invest in the long-term future of your business.It removes risks that are not needed and improves the effectiveness and reliability of internal processes.

2. Franchises and networks

Prodeg’s experts are available to serve you, and will assist you to increase the worth of your business. Many processes are unnecessary and you should learn how to maximize your network as well as franchise administration.

3. Engineering

Engineering is, without doubt, among the most technical jobs that are available. As a project supervisor, PRODEG offers a range of services that can assist in ensuring that you have in control every aspect of your projects which are crucial to their successful completion. If you are looking to offer the best service to your customers it is essential to strengthen your security, organization, in addition to regulatory compliance.

4. Certifications

In a globalized and increasingly interconnected world Managers who are well-versed have to convince the company to improve its processes for administration. Certifications can also be beneficial allies for standardising, integrating and making use of your company. PRODEG utilizes the latest technology to help your business in preparing to compete in the new digital world.

5. Compliance

Compliance is the procedure used by an organization to ensure that it is fully in line with the applicable laws and the standards set within its unit. In English the expression “comply” means “to act in line with the rules.” In the context of education”comply” means that you comply with all applicable regulations, internal and external standards as well as any specific company guidelines and policies.


After reading this article, you need to be aware of how important Prodeg can be to your image and the importance of accessible or at a minimum check the company out, as they could be a huge benefit to your business. Additionally, Prodeg is exceptionally moral when it comes to its corporate policies. Prodeg is a firm believer in safety measures that are both physical and specialized to ensure the proper management of personal information under its control. The approach to risk management has led to the improvement of associated control strategies, conventions, controls and cycles, as well as concepts to stay on top of the latest developments.