Jio Rocker is an online movie portal that posting many pirated movies. Several people prefer to watch and download various Telugu films from online piracy sites for free. So, several websites such as Jiorockers are freely downloading and selling all the most recent Telugu films within a day of their respective theatrical release. Recently, the film “Killer” was released in many cinemas across India. Initially people were not positive about the film seeing that it contained erotic scenes which are against the Indian law.

But, the film did receive warm welcome by the masses when the film was aired on different channels. Many persons complained about the film showing adult content in its movie trailer. But, later on the directors clarified that they abide by all the regulations set forth by the Indian Film Council (IFC). This is why a lot of people have started viewing Jio Rocker and other movies like “Mankatha” on torrent sites.

Many times websites such as Jiorockers, Bigrivere, Kuttanews, Myovation etc. have uploaded copies of the movies illegally. The main reason behind this is the lack of budget for the promotion of the movies by theollywood studios. Due to this reason, the movies which are uploaded on these websites have limited viewing and download opportunities for the users in India.

However, there is good news for those who want to view the Jio movies illegally. The Enforcement units of the federal government has ordered websites such as Jiorockers, Bigrivere, Kuttanews, Myovation etc. to remove copies of the Jio releases from their servers. These Enforcement units have also been told not to upload copies of the Jio releases on their servers or websites. They have also been asked to help in the prosecution of the copyright violating website owners.

Since it is evident that the chief motive behind the illegalities is profit, the government has granted permission to three websites namely Bigrivere, Kuttanews and Myovation to continue their business. They can continue their business as long as they comply with the terms and conditions imposed by the Enforcement units. On the other hand, Bigrivere and Kuttanews have been given a 90-day grace period to remove copies of the Jio movie out of their servers. The main task of these two operators is to facilitate the public by making it possible for them to access the new movies released by the majors. Since there are no legal substitutes for the online presence of these operators, it is expected that a large number of people who want to watch the movies illegally will move to these websites in order to enjoy their illegal recreation.

When it comes to the popular Telugu actresses, Srikanth, Nemade and Ravi Teja, all of them are trying to cash in on the success of the Jio movie. Srikanth is no stranger to controversies when it comes to his acting. But this time around, he is trying to get into the American musical arena. He has already started downloading movies from Netflix and Amazon. However, it is believed that only a few of his movies have already been downloaded by fans.

The chief advantage of the operators who allow people to watch Jio movies through the internet is the low cost involved. There are various movie categories available including the budget ones, kids’ movies and the Tamil movies which are easily available in the library of most libraries. The latest addition to the list is the mobile-friendly interface of the portal, which makes it easy for the users to access the various movie categories, start to download and save the movie to the mobile flash drive at the same time.

The other advantage of Jio Rocket is the user-friendly interface, which ensures that the portal is very much user-friendly. As far as the services and features of the site are concerned, the membership fee is quite affordable and worth the service provided to the customers. As a result of the high acceptance of the Jio site among the netizens, there are several portals which are now offering the same quality and variety of movies that are being offered by the main operator.