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Peterbilt Nameplates – A Trusted Name in Truck Making

Peterbilt is one of the most respected names in the trucking industry. Established in 1903, the company quickly grew to become one of the largest producers of semi-trucks. In more recent years, the company has focused its efforts on developing, building and manufacturing luxury specialty trucks, particularly Hummers and Mercedes-Benzes. The specialty trucks from Peterbilt are designed for the driver who appreciates the best in style, performance and design.

Peterbilt has many specialties in manufacturing and trucking that are popular with drivers and owners. There are many reasons why these items are so popular. From personal experience, I know how important comfort is to long-distance truck drivers. When you are on a road with no radio, no cell phone or other distractions, you must be able to concentrate on the road and your destination. With a company as special as Peterbilt, drivers get just that.

Peterbilt continues to expand its offerings with exciting new specialties such as the Premier Plus brands. These brands combine superior engineering, unique construction and superior materials with the highest quality of customer service. All of Peterbilt’s trucks are assembled in the United States and are built to the highest standards of excellence. In addition, the company produces its own parts and accessories to meet any customer demand for high quality parts.

Another hallmark of Peterbilt’s design and engineering is the attention to detail seen in the custom paintlines on each model. When ordering a new specialty vehicle, consumers are assured that the vehicle will arrive in the same factory painted color. The company even has a special line of body colors to meet the desires of custom car and truck lovers. All models of Peterbilt include a chrome plated finish to provide a sharp and clean look.

Peterbilt is renowned as a manufacturer of high-performance specialty vehicles. The company’s reputation for high quality is evidenced by the fact that over ninety-nine percent of the company’s truck sales are to businesses, government agencies and government customers. Peterbilt’s goal is to produce a reliable, durable, economical and attractive truck. Each vehicle is assembled with the greatest attention to detail by highly trained craftsmen. As a result, Peterbilt produces well above the average truck production rate.

Peterbilt custom truck models are designed for durability, performance, reliability and style. They are designed to meet every transportation need that exists under the sun. The company offers a full line of luxury truck models from the Premier to the ultimate Custom Sedan. From the Premier Plus to the Premier SS, Peterbilt proudly sells an outstanding selection of vehicles guaranteed to please anyone who owns a truck. They are committed to building a community of true fans who share their passion for this great product. As a result, Peterbilt continues to expand into new markets while maintaining a strong presence in the traditional marketplace.

As a result of their long standing commitment to excellence in truck manufacturing, Peterbilt is the only nameplate truck manufacturer to have ever made a car. As a result, they are one of only a handful of auto manufacturers in the world to have made cars (the others are Toyota and Honda). Peterbilt produces the Enzo, a full sized truck used for commercial truck purposes. The company also makes a fleet of sport utility models such as the Paladin GTX. In addition, the company has an extensive fleet of fleet and custom buses for business and pleasure.

In addition to their solid commitment to excellence in truck manufacturing, Peterbilt prides itself on the variety of models and options it offers its customers. Not only do they offer a full range of standard and custom sedans, they also specialize in luxury trucks for individuals and companies. For example, the company manufactures the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a low mileage semi truck with a top speed of forty-five miles per hour. In addition, they also manufacture the Volvo Sixt, a family of sport utility vehicles that includes a wagon, family, and Coupe. Peterbilt’s other models are powered by the Volvo EGR, the Mercedes-Benz C class, and the Dodge pickup truck.

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