When minimalism started a movement in the interior design world with its sparse décor and functionality mindset, it was seen as a defining moment. However, those days are long gone. With more people spending time at home with the pandemic, there has been an increase in wanting the comfort of personal items and bright décor that can make you happy. This has led to the start of the maximalist movement. Which is the opposite of minimalism.   

A combination between clutter core and cottage core, maximalism is all about having a balanced and well thought out chaos in your rooms. With meaningful objects that inspire all around, maximalist design is based on being comfortable and happy in your space. The reason it gained so much popularity is because of the creative freedom it provides people with- from an artist’s studio to a book lovers’ library- this design can take any shape depending on the person. It brings out the personality and shows the character of your house. Here are some ways you can design the perfect maximalist interior design for your home.   

Add layer and depth  

Adding layer and depth to your room is extremely important for maximalist interior design as, without that, the place can look just tacky and overwhelming. There are a few simple ways you can employ to create the layers- using patterns, fabrics and décor. The general rule around maximalism is that the place should not look cluttered and hoarded and should rather look artistic and homey. Choose patterns that speak to you- and don’t shy away from bright colours and bold patterns. Use rugs, cushions and other fabrics to create layers of pattern that might be mismatched individually but come together when looking at the place as a whole. You can do this by choosing all your décor to have one or two colours in common. Layering up rugs is another way that designers create depth in a room; using rugs to create separate spaces is another way to make the place look harmonious and balanced.   

Display what you love  

Maximalism is all about freedom and self-expression and therefore has no rules. Whether it is your vinyl collection or your DIY artwork- you can display it all and some more. You can design your entire space around displaying the things you love. And don’t worry if you think we might not go together! By adding bits and bobs of décor, you can make it all look harmonious. For example, if you like nature-inspired wallpaper and have artwork that is mostly related to impressionism, you can use cushions, rugs and furniture to tie those two together!  

Create a comfortable space  

Maximalism is, more or less, curated to create a comfortable space, surrounded by things you love and colours that inspire you. Use good fabric when creating your maximalist home- velvet and silk are good choices when going for feel-good fabrics. Try to stay away from neutral colours as much as possible as they can make the décor look a little bland. Use throw blankets and cushions to add to the comfortable feeling. Most importantly though, get a burglar alarm so that you can feel safe in your home. You can get one installed by professionals by clicking here.  

Mix and Match  

With no particular rules, maximalist interior design is all about mixing and matching pieces that might not go together by themselves. If you have collected and curated items over time- from abstract art to chandeliers, don’t be afraid to use them all. Maximalism is about celebrating who you are and you can not do that by using symmetry and balance. Rather, just go with the flow and match pieces that you think look good. Instead of creating one focal point, create multiple. This will draw attention to your whole room rather than just one part of it.  

Pattern on Pattern  

Now we know this sounds- like a complete disaster! However, you will be surprised by how good pattern on pattern looks! It makes for the easiest focal point you can have in your room. An easy way to create the look would be by choosing a pattern for the wall, say, nature-inspired and then choosing artwork, which is completely different, for example, travel-inspired. While it may look chaotic if the pieces are not arranged well, if done right, it can make your room look artistic and creative. Animal prints over floral wallpapers can also be a good design choice.   

Be Yourself  

The best way to create a maximalist design is by being yourself and not making decisions that might be influenced by interior design rules. Go for what you think looks good to you- add colors you like and artwork that inspires you, no matter how wild it might seem to others.  

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