PCNOK Overview

Pcnok (Patient Care Network) which is part of digital health is a crucial solution to help patients who are chronically ill or elderly in rehabilitation, health and care fields , as well as to help support the process of aging.

Social distancing and the limitations on mobility caused by the covid crisis and the subsequent rise in a variety of diseases resulting from living a sedentary life, the need for the widespread use of online solutions for remote monitoring of fragile patients is felt more.

What is an Patient Care Network?

Patient Care Networks is a technology solution that lets you remotely check the health status of patients in their homes thanks to devices that are connected to the network as well as systems that share the medical parameters that have been detected.

This is targeted towards healthcare professionals who manage chronically ill or hospitalized patients typically elderly patients who require a long-term treatment plan and should be monitored over the course of.

The information gathered by the patient’s complete autonomy, such as by wearing wearable devices, will be automatically sent to an operation center and shared with the medical team in real-time, allowing for the progression of the disease be monitored continuously.

The remote monitoring, which is continuous and proactive, permits confirming the effectiveness of the treatment and the proper use of medication. If there are any deviations in the parameters that are detected the system will automatically notify the healthcare personnel to intervene swiftly and adjust the treatment accordingly.

Benefits and advantages of PCNOK

To the patient:

The patient feels secure and is taken care of at home. Through connected care, he’s motivated to adhere to the treatment and live a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, he becomes more self-sufficient in managing his illness.

for family members

Family caregivers and family members are assured of the continual monitoring of the health condition of their loved ones by health care professionals with the assurance that any abnormalities or acute symptoms are quickly identified and addressed.

for health professionals

Monitoring the health parameters at home permits health professionals to work in a smart manner in the hospital’s operations center and while at the same time they can monitor more patients.

for the SSN

Patient Care Network makes it possible to cut down on access to emergency rooms and to reduce the burden on structures. It also allows the user to limit access to their home for those who are in need. With remote assistance, it’s more effective to limit the spread between health doctors, patients, and their families.

for the environmental

The movement of data (and not doctors or patients) reduces the amount of traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

Multi-channel Care for Patients The Health at the Home platform

I-Tel Home Health Telemedicine I-Tel Home Health Telemedicine solution lets you organize, coordinate and create a variety of digital services that can be used for prevention remote assistance and patient care.

From television , to the integration of wearable gadgets and chatbots and applications This makes management easier of the services that support families to care for (and take care of) those who are older, chronically sick and vulnerable individuals.

Health at Home, a single platform with multiple channels that can be used for:

  • support healthcare personnel in defining care plans
  • communicate with patients via various channels (video calls or SMS, phone, Chabot apps, email)
  • to determine the clinical parameters remotely, as well via medical equipment
  • encourage teleconsultation between health professionals
  • Create and manage the monitoring operations centers
  • Remote surveillance and help initiatives of that I-Tel is a technical partner
  • Home Patient Care Network for Covid-19 patients who are in fiduciary isolation.
  • SOS Smart Ostomy Support Connected Care, for remote care of the patient with an ostomy

Solutions of the Patient Care Network for elderly people

As directly connected to the family network of one’s and health care as a whole, it is a direct link to health care and family networks. Patient Care Network can also be a useful tool for aiding those who are elderly.

Senior citizens are often living alone or suffer from chronic illness and restrictions in their everyday activities. The interconnectedness between devices that are intelligent and the multi-channel communications (via chatbot, app or text message, or video calls) ensure their surveillance and allow for communication, as well as prompt notification in the occasion of a slip or other unpleasant situation.

As one of the methods in ensuring the safety of older people in daily management, there is a system specifically designed to aid vulnerable people when they fall or sudden illnesses.

It’s a life-saving device designed through Easy Life, a reality which we’ve recently learned about and find particularly intriguing.

The PCNOK system was specifically created to ensure the safety of people who are engaged in normal daily routines. If you are in a situation of emergencies, it permits users to seek help and to activate your network of family and friends . Until it is necessary. If you need to, you can call 112 directly.

One of the benefits is that providing complete security even in the case of emergency increases your quality of life for seniors and family members who plan to look after them, regardless of the need for time.

The PCNOK lets you make messages and emergency calls to people who have been previously registered in the application’s Address Book. If you accident it is possible to use the Lifesaving Button automatically sends emergency messages to the safety net. The coordinates for the location to go are included to the SOS message to guarantee quick intervention.

If there is no one who is protected by the safety net could intervene there is the option to assign the assistance straight to emergency services. The program automatically sends and receives GPS coordinates as well as the nature of the emergency to the national emergency center immediately, thereby deploying assistance.

The Patient Care Network as well as new technologies to provide care to people

With the help of technological advancement as well as solutions to remotely resolve the security, health management and day-to-day life of individuals, the patients with chronic illnesses and those who are elderly are constantly monitored and full respect for their autonomy, and the management of the entire family.

To provide assistance in this manner you require a an easy, secure, and simple connection. This is a problem for many businesses. Here’s how the pcnok can assist you.

  • The unified infrastructure provides one point of control for wireless and wired networks, as well as the SD-Branch for any deployment in the health sector.
  • PCNOK can ensure the proper authorization and profiling on access to network of every user health records and everything that is connected with the Internet.
  • With AI you can set up automation of your network and provide solid management tools for your employees.