Pavithra Lakshmi is an Indian movie actress, singer & dancer. She is mainly known for her acting in Tamil movies. She has also been the guest star in many television serials and has appeared in some Hollywood movies. She is one of the youngest actresses in India. She is also the contestant of a popular comedy show, Cook with Komali 2.

Her first major role in a Hindi movie was Kalidasa where she played a leading character named Venna. After that she had a small role in Kamal Amrohi’s Raavanan movie. Then she went on to star in Ajith’s Mankatha. Later she got associated with Aishwarya Rai’s Dooj. In recent times she has been one of the most preferred snaps on Instagram by women belonging to all age groups. Below we look at some of her popular social media icons.

On this pic she is wearing a dress that reveals her slim waist and hips. As per the caption, her dress was designed by herself. She captioned the picture saying “My Designer Dress is very comfortable and beautiful. I am very happy and fortunate to have my own Instagram account. My family details are available at the foot of this post.”

On this pic she is wearing a lehenga which is a traditional attire for the Hindu religion. The dress on this Instagram seems to be modest and does not show much of her skin at all. So this caption in Hindi is “Tika child (shantaram). Prabhu Deva’s Tika Chamutra has matching lehenga and Prabhu Deva’s have matched saree”.

On this pic she is seen with her long blonde hair. It is a well kept secret that PV Jain is married to Sharmila herself. This is a detail which adds some more information to her profile, which we shall look at next. Sharmila is a well known TV personality who has been doing beauty shows for many years. So this is no surprise that she has almost half a million followers on Instagram.

On this pic she appears to be enjoying a nice meal with some friends. On another picture she looks quite pleased as she is giving a piece of jewellery to a little girl. It is on the second picture that we can read that PV Jain had a daughter named Priyam. Considering that PV Jain was married to Sharmila several months ago, this is very much new information for all of us. It is therefore safe to conclude that Sharmila is married to another man, while PV Jain is still single.

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Pavithra Lakshmi is a model and film actress, who has worked predominantly in Tamil and Malayalam movie industries, TV shows. She has been in the modeling industry since 2015, Pavithra has participated in numerous beauty pageant competitions and also won Queen of madras 2016. She was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.