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The site also features many popular video songs. Of course, you can always go for the live performances of the best lyricists and composers of the Indian music industry, but if you’re too busy or just want to save time, the site has the option of downloading the video songs. The videos are categorized according to the artist’s genre. The audio songs are categorized based on the singer’s genre.

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If you do not wish to pay anything but you would still like to obtain the songs that you have always wanted to hear, then the only solution left for you is to use the Pagalworld web site. There are two ways that you can obtain the songs that you want. You can either acquire the songs by purchasing the CDs through the site or download the music through the web. Of course, obtaining the songs this way will cost you less compared with the cost of the CDs sold in Pagalworld stores. However, downloading the music is a bit risky because some unscrupulous individuals may have copied your private information and used it for illegal purposes.