What is organic bedding?

Organic bedding is made from organic materials such as cotton, wool, silk, and bamboo. This type of bedding is often more expensive than traditional types of bedding due to the high cost and time it takes for these materials to be produced.

The benefits of organic bedding

a) Protects skin: Products like wool and bamboo are natural fibers that do not give off any harmful chemicals or emit any harmful fumes. They also do not transfer heat via conduction like some synthetic materials can. All this means that you feel the same cool temperature on your skin when you lay in your bed no matter what season it is outside (Great in the summer!).

b) Absorbs moisture: Wool, bamboo, and cotton are natural materials that absorb more moisture than synthetic materials like the ones commonly used for bedding. This means that you will be able to get high levels of moisture absorption with organic bedding when it is hot out and dry weather is fast approaching.

c) Repels dust mites: These are the little critters that often come along with our mattresses (especially if we sleep in an older mattress or one which has been well-maintained). The good thing about this type of bedding is that it does not hold onto dust mites like traditional bedding does. This leaves users with less bacterial growth and far fewer troubles associated with these critters.

d) Anti-bacterial properties: This is another huge benefit when it comes to buying organic bamboo sheets. The same chemicals that repel dust mites also leave behind an anti-bacterial residue on your bedding which protects you against harmful bacteria like the kind which can cause serious infections especially in children and senior citizens who are more vulnerable when it comes to these issues.

e) Reduces odor: Organic bedding helps to reduce odor because of the materials used in its manufacture. These materials include natural fibers such as wool, silk, and bamboo. The result is a very fresh smell that can last for many many months.

f) Little or no chemicals or dyes used: This is a huge benefit to look out for when you are buying organic bedding. There are no chemicals or dyes that come with this type of bedding. These materials are natural fibers that will not pose any threat to the user at all.

g) Does not give off any chemical odors: This is another advantage that users often mention. Your bamboo weighted blanket will not emit any chemical odors which means that it is okay to have in the house when you have people who may be allergic to harmful odors.

h) Does not get discolored easily: This is a common problem with many synthetic materials. They can often stain your bedding over time by giving off a yellowish or brownish color. This means that as time goes on you will need to buy a new mattress cover if you have been using traditional bedding. Organic materials are naturally anti-light and they do not get stained as easily as many other types of bedding so users do not need to purchase an extra cover for their mattresses over long periods of time.


Organic bedding is a very good alternative to traditional materials. The reasons why it has become so popular are many and include the good effects that it has on the user. Organic bedding can be purchased at pretty much any store that sells bedding as well as online stores. You will find all kinds of different products of organic bedding which usually range from sheets to pillows and other types of products like backpacks and clothing.