MeeBhoomi is an official land records portal online which was established in the year 2015. In 2015, the Revenue Department of Andhra Pradesh administers the portal, which allows users to access Via Meebhoomi: Pradesh Land Recordsew information about land electronically. The public can quickly get information about land ownership and other information without having to visit the government offices. The MeeBhoomi platform is an authoritative source of information on land for residents. Find out details about the MeeBhoomi platform in greater detail.

What are the Benefits of MeeBhoomi

The Meebhoomi portal has a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Access to MeeBhoomi Field Management book with maps of the village
  • Allows Andhra Bhoomi owners to access the app and the website
  • Provides online access to AP land records
  • Users are able to lodge AP Bhoomi related complaints through the website
  • Office bearers and pattadars to get SMS status updates regarding the progress of a given process.
  • Transparency in the administration of land records.

What are the Features of MeeBhoomi

Apart from providing a seamless administration and smooth operation, the MeeBhoomi portal also has the following features in particular:

  • Easy access via the land record
  • Offers Patta names
  • Provides information about the dangers of the province.
  • Views patta’s passbooks
  • Creates a list of village landlords
  • Statistics and information on the patta bankbook
  • It allows evaluation of the nature of soil as well as the source of water.
  • Land conversion information is available.
  • Creates village and individual Adangal record.

How to Access the MeeBhoomi Portal?

The MeeBhoomi portal is accessible by any of these ways:

  • Go to MeeBhoomi’s Official MeeBhoomi website.
  • Install the official MeeBhoomi application, which is made available to Android smartphone users.

Services Under Meebhoomi Telangana

Meebhoomi online portal Meebhoomi online portal offers a range of services related to land, including:

  • Downloading of APAdangal
  • Electronic passbook viewing
  • Viewing village maps
  • Accessing court information and cases from the revenue court
  • Accessing information on Aadhaar along with land and property records that link
  • Downloading of 1-b (Record of Right)
  • The field measurement book is viewed

Details Accessible on MeeBhoomi Portal

The MeeBhoomi portal lets you download and access a digital copy of the land information within Andhra Pradesh. This includes:

  • Information on the ownership of land
  • Details about land assessment and the surrounding area
  • Liability in relation to the property (if appropriate)
  • Water source on terrain
  • The type of soil used on the surface
  • The land is leased to tenants (if the land is)
  • Crop details (if applicable)

What is Adangal

A land-related document, called Adangal is granted by the Tahsildar. The administrators manage the village’s records. The documents allow people to look over land information during the sale and purchase of the land.

Steps to Access Adangal Records on MeeBhoomi

The Adangal records are available to access and downloaded from the MeeBhoomi portal following the following steps:

Step 1.Visit MeeBhoomi’s Official MeeBhoomi website.

Step 2.Click on the ‘Adangal’ option on the menu.

Step 3.Click the your personal Adangal or Village Adangal from the drop-down menu according to your choice.

Step 4.Once you have been redirected, click on any of the options like Aadhaar Number and Automation Records Survey No. or Automation Records.

Phase 5:Choose what the District’s name is.

6.Fill with the information in relation to the property, such as village name the name of the zone, the survey name, and district name.

7.Enter the code for captcha and then click “Submit”. You will now be able to access your Dangal.

What is 1-b (Record of Rights)

1b (Record of Rights) is a crucial document that shows the details of ownership for the property or land. It is the Department of Revenue of Andhra Pradesh keeps the information contained within the record.

For each village within the state The 1-b Adangal document is available at an office run by the Tahsildar. Individuals can utilize the document to apply for bank loans, verify the seller’s details as well as for court proceedings. The meebhoomi 1b document contains details about what the name is of khatedar as well as the name of the father of the khatedar as well as information on land revenue, land classification, and the extent of the land owned by the khatedar.

Steps to Access 1-B (Record of Rights) Record on MeeBhoomi

The 1-B Record, also known as the ROR allows you to obtain specific information regarding your land, like the account number. or survey no. or date of mutation approval land description and many more.

Steps to Access 1-B Records on MeeBhoomi

Step 1.Visit MeeBhoomi’s Official MeeBhoomi website.

2.Click 1-B on the menu.

Step 3.Click on “1-B” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4.Once you have been redirected, enter your details for your land including the name of your village, zone District name, survey number., etc.

Phase 5:Choose your district’s name.

6.Fill with the information in relation to the property, such as village name or zone name, survey name, and district name.

7th Step:Solve the code for the captcha and click submit. Now you can gain access to 1B Record.

View Village Maps on MeeBhoomi Portal

If you want to see the village maps on the MeeBhoomi portal, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the official MeeBhoomi portal at MeeBhoomi::Home (

Step 2 Step 2 – Choose the ‘Village Map located on the home page.

Step 3. Choose the name of the zone, village name as well as the district name. Then, enter the captcha code , and click to open the maps of the village.

To confirm the Aadhaar number linked to Khata number, should follow the listed steps:

First step – Go to the official MeeBhoomi portal at MeeBhoomi::Home (

Step 2 Step 2 – Browse the website and select “Aadhaar/Other Identities and then select the option ‘Aadhaar Linking.

Step 3. Select the “Account (Khata) number or ‘Aadhaar number’ and then select the information like the name of the village, district name along with the name of your zone. Enter the account or Aadhaar number. Then, select the ‘User Consent’. Enter the captcha number and click ‘Click.

Step 4 Step 4 You can check out the more details about how to use the Aadhaar linkage to Khata number. Khata number.

Send your identity documents to MeeBhoomi

The MeeBhoomi portal allows you to add your personal identification documents to connect your information to the land record. For beginning take the steps below:

First step:Log on to the main MeeBhoomi page and then click the Upload Identity Documents section.

Step 2.Enter the code for your zone, district and then select your number of account. Enter the captcha number and click on ‘Get More Details’.

Step 3.You will be taken to a new window. In this window, you will need to select the kind of document you wish to connect for example, the number on your ration card, the graduate passport number, passbook or voter card number.

step 4:Enter all the required information like date of birth and address, mobile number or document number that you have selected as well as gender along with the number of your mobile. The OTP is generated for the mobile number entered. Enter the number and hit “Submit”.

The process will automatically send your documents as well as your identity information will be linked to the land documents.

Obtain an Electronic Passbook in Andhra Pradesh

To get an electronic passbook for Andhra Pradesh, follow the instructions below:

Step 1.Log into MeeBhoomi’s official MeeBhoomi website.

Step 2.Click on ‘ElectronicPassbook which is listed in the menu.

Step 3.Under the provided fields you must enter the information for your zone, district, and village.

Step 4: Provide your survey number.

Step 5:Click ‘Submit’.

Check Land Conversion Details on Meebhoomi Portal

The details for the conversion of landers are easily accessible on MeeBhoomi’s official MeeBhoomi website. To obtain your information take the steps below:

Step 1.Log into the MeeBhoomi website. MeeBhoomi website.

Step 2.Click on “Land Conversion Details in the menu.

Step 3.Under the fields provided you must enter the information of your district, village and zone.

Step 4: Enter your survey number.

Phase 5:Click “Submit” to see the details of your land conversion.

View Field Measurement Book (FMB) on MeeBhoomi Portal

Field measurement books is available to be examined through the MeeBhoomi portal by following the listed steps:

1. Go to the official MeeBhoomi portal at MeeBhoomi::Home (

Step 2 Step 2: Browse the homepage , then click on the ‘F.M.B tab.

Step 3. Choose the appropriate village name, zone name, or district name. Enter the captcha number before pressing the ‘Click’ icon. Then you can browse the field measurement guidebook.

How to Track Complaint Status on MeeBhoomi

It is possible to track the status of any complaints. can be monitored through MeeBhoomi by following the steps listed below.

1. Go to the official MeeBhoomi portal at MeeBhoomi::Home (

Step 2 Step 2 – Browse through the homepage before clicking on the ‘Complaints’ tab.

Step 3. Choose the district before entering the number of the complaint. After that, you’ll be able to see the status of the complaint right away.

MeeBhoomi Helpline

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