Madras Rockers, the largest Tamil movie of this year. The second Tamil movie of the year, Madras Rockers is an epic story about a band of motorcycle taxi drivers who escape from the rule of a terrorist organization. To watch and download best Tamil movies on your Smartphone or Tablets. With an Internet connection you can now enjoy any movie from the best Tamil movies list. Tamil is a favorite amongst South Indian movie lovers for its great realism and exotic settings. Here we have compiled a few of our top picks for this year, enjoy!

The story of Madras Rockers revolves around a group of motorcycle taxis that are pitted against a band of terrorists from Sri Lanka. The cab owners have arranged with the local authorities to filter passengers and only female passengers are allowed to drive the taxis. As passengers, they form a club and begin to plot against the terrorists for their own gains. Downloading these movies illegally is easy and safe.

The movie starts with a bang, it is the opening sequence where we meet our protagonist Dev. He is a driver for a local transport company that has just started. It is a small company but it doesn’t last long before one of their female drivers gets shot. In the ambulance she is able to give the police exact details of the attack and then the plot unravels quickly. Download Madras Rockers 20th Anniversary Special here.

Another huge hit in the recent season is Mankatha; a comedy drama directed by S.S. Rajamouli. Mankatha follows a middle-aged couple who run out of energy after their marriage is over and fall in love with an Italian tourist. Their trip to Italy is stopped due to a terrorist attack on a train station, which has left several dead and injured. The director initially planned a whole film in Tamil but changed the plan and went ahead with the Hindi version instead.

Now, we move on to Madras Rockers 20th Anniversary Special, which is the second installment of this movie. This time, D. Santosh (Koena Sheikh), a famous madrasrocker from the same town is also a part of the story. D. Santosh tries to run for the post of president of Karnatake, but he fails and instead chooses to run for the House of Pride. The film is a hilarious comedy and you would definitely want to see the special Madras Rockers 20th anniversary edition!

After discussing the first film in detail we move onto the third Madras Rockers, a romantic comedy starring Deepika Padukoff, Hrithik Roshan and K.S. Merchant. A Mumbai girl named Salim (P.S. Chinn) falls in love with a boy from America and wants to move to America with him. However, the girl’s father does not allow her and she is stuck in India. When she finally gets the guts to go to the US, she realizes that her father had arranged for her to get married to an American. All this is in the backdrop of tensions between India and Pakistan.

Finally we move on to the fourth Madras Rockers movie, titled as Bhumika in India. This time around Deepika plays the role of her life partner. S.S. Rajamouli (Chhotelal Mishra), a well known Indian crime lord, tries to get hold of her passport and goes to America with her accomplice. Once there, they try to rob a bank and the rest is history. Watch the hilarious funny moments in this film from the beginning to the end!

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