Durga Puja, leading festival of Hinduism, traditionally held for 10 days in the month of Ashvina (September–October), the seventh month of this Hindu calendar, also especially celebrated in Bengal, Assam, along with other eastern Indian nations. Durga Puja celebrates the success of the goddess Durga within the demon king Mahishasura. It starts on precisely the exact same day as Navratri, a nine-night festival celebrating the divine feminine.

Durga Puja’s very first day is Mahalaya, which communicates the dawn of the goddess. Celebrations and worship start on Sasthi, the sixth day. The parties end with Vijaya Dashami (“Tenth Day of Victory” ), when, amid loud chants and drumbeats, idols are transported in huge processions to nearby rivers, where they’re immersed. That habit is emblematic of the death of this deity for her home along with her husband, Shiva, in the Himalayas. Images of the goddess–astride a lion, attacking the demon king Mahishasura–are put at different pandals (brightly colored pine constructions and galleries) and temples.

Durga Puja is celebrated as a means of worshipping Durga, a Hindu goddess who’s the kind of Shakti. This festival is celebrated annually by the sixth to the tenth day, at the Ashwin month using a bright lunar fortnight in accordance with the Bikram Sambat Calendar. Along with the six days are seen as Mahalaya, Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami and also Vijayadashami.

This festival is considered very auspicious since it also celebrates the victory of good over evil. It was on this day that Durga is said to have killed the demon Mahishasura. Durga Puja is celebrated all over India in Assam, Bihar, Manipur, Meghalaya, Jharkhand along with West Bengal. However, of these states, it is considered to be a substantial festival in West Bengal and Assam because they have a majority of Bengali Hindus living there. It’s among the most celebrated festivals of those countries.

Durga Puja, such as many cultural programs which have dancing and songs. Before Is celebrated with this much devotion since another festival the Assamese celebrate- Bihu is a royal festival. This festival isn’t only celebrated in such countries but can also be considered of high importance as a social-cultural festival one of the Bengali society. Aside from eastern India, this festival can also be welcomed and celebrated in different areas of the nation such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi and Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh.

We inform of you just how some countries celebrate this gorgeous festival, let’s give Traditions, but there are a good deal more which you’re able to be part of during During Durga Puja, It’s not only Durga Who’s worshiped, Increased throughout the British rule in Bengal and in Assam. Based on legend, the Hindu reformists had recognized Durga with our nation and very quickly, Durga became the main sign for the Indian Freedom movement. And article Freedom, like you , today understand, Durga Puja went on to become among the greatest renowned festivals of the entire world.

It was on this afternoon that Durga is thought to have killed the demon Mahishasura. However, of these states, it’s regarded as a substantial festival in West Bengal and Assam because they have the vast majority of Bengali Hindus living there. It’s among the most renowned festivals of those countries.

Hindu goddess who’s the kind of Shakti. This festival is celebrated annually by the sixth to the tenth day, at the Ashwin month using a bright lunar fortnight in accordance with the Bikram Sambat Calendar.

Traditions, but there are a good deal more which you’re able to be part of during
The parties are no more limited to only rituals and Durga Puja, like many cultural programs that include dancing and music. Before We tell of you how some states celebrate this beautiful festival, let us give You a little bit of history about the origin of Durga.

Key days during Durga Puja

The rituals of Durga Puja last ten days with the start and the last four days being special festivals that are reflected in public holidays in some states in India.


Mahalaya marks the start of the Durga Puja festival. On this day, the goddess Durga is believed to have descended to Earth and large, elaborately crafted statutes of Durga are set up in homes and decorated podiums, called Pandals.

Maha Saptami

On the seventh day (saptami) of Durga Puja, the goddess started her epic battle against Mahishasura.


Known as Durgashtami, Mahashtami or Durga Ashtami, this is the eighth day of Durga Puja celebrations. Durgastami is one of the important days of Durga Puja and many people may fast on this day. The weapons of the gods used by Durga are worshipped today.

Vijaya Dashami

Also known as Dashain or Tenth day of Navratri or Durgotsav, Vijaya Dashami commemorates the day that Durga appeared riding a lion to slay the Mahisasura. Statutes of Durga are paraded through the streets, then immersed in water.

Origin and Background of Shakti:

According to mythology, it’s said that Mahishasura, that had been a fanatic, following years of worship and penance finally got the chance to ask Brahma for a blessing. Following this blessing, Mahishasura swelled with pride and being he took disadvantage of his own forces and began spreading terror and harm. He transformed to a robust and unbeatable buffalo demon and had murdered thousands of innocent men and women. He started attacking Gods too. To put a stop to the three main deities of both Vishnu, Shankar as well as Brahma along with different Gods combined their energies and power to give birth to Durga. Durga has ten palms an all her palms is a representation of this energy she has and it’s with these forces which Durga killed Mahishasura. The afternoon she vanquished that this Shakti is now called Mahishasura mardini.

Durga Puja Celebrations:

Also it normally falls between the months of September and November. It’s famous all over India but to watch the greatest parties, there’ll be no greater location than West Bengal. Cities within this nation celebrate Durga puja with much pomp and merriment and pujo since the Bengalis call it’s a much-awaited festival every year. The entire area comes alive and can be wrapped up and decorated beautifully.

The Durga puja is celebrated in accordance with the Hindu calendar In the nation. Know where and how Durga puja is celebrated the very best in India. We’ve recorded down areas to you that find the top parties

Durga celebrations in West Bengal:

Durga puja is your most significant festival celebrated of Bengal. You may see thousands of superbly decorated pandals across cities and even villages. People from all around the nation see West Bengal throughout this age and government offices, schools and schools receive a ten-day holiday so people are able to celebrate this festival with family members and friends.

The puja is performed for five times that’s also regarded as the homecoming of Durga that had been wed. The festival is celebrated by people exchanging greetings and homemade candies to family and nearest and dearest. The non-believers have an active role in these parties and you’ll notice people decked out in fresh standard outfits. It really is an excellent sight to observe people from other landscapes and faiths enjoy this gorgeous festival into the hilt.

Kolkata Durga Puja:

If you would like to witness among the greatest methods for parties of Durga Puja, Kolkata is the place you need to. The roads are all lit up with LED lights and they shine so beautifully. It’s thought that over 45000 Durga pandals are set up at the streets of Kolkata and they all are re – worthy. As you wander down the streets of Kolkata, you’ll be able to hear traditional music along with Rabindra Sangeet. The entire vibe of the festival differs in this time and consequently you has to definitely plan to see Kolkata during Durga Puja.

Houses, trees, roads — what glitters and brings the town to life. As part of these parties, many areas have open fairs which it is possible to see with friends and loved ones. Children are certain to adore the fairs because they’ve pleasure rides such as the merry-go-round and large wheels. Street vendors also take advantage of the joyous season and set up little roadside stalls which serve tasty eateries. It’s just far better not to speak about visitors through Durga puja for your visitors in Kolkata actually comes to a standstill and the majority of men and women favor pandal-hopping in your foot.

You don’t need to be concerned about any type of audience issues since a particular task force can be appointed by Kolkata Police so the law and order of this town is preserved. Another reason why the town requires a lot of effort to set these pandals is since the government of West Bengal also announces prices for the ideal pandal. So, most folks put up their best shows and pandals. In case you were not conscious, Durga puja at Kolkata can also be in comparison to the renowned Rio carnival and notwith a lot to do and see, Kolkata’s Durga puja warrants this name.

You might also decide to go to your local pandals that frequently also host several cultural applications. On the previous day, that’s Vijaya Dashami, devotes function the Dhunuchi Dance. Within this dance form, folks hold earthen lamps that are known as Dhunachi with coconut husks which are lighted inside them and dancing. The dance form is known as the dhunuchi naachh also it’s done before Durga’s idol. Married ladies smear each other with red vermillion powder that’s popularly referred to as the sindoor-khela in Bengal. Subsequently the idols are paraded across town until they are submerged into a river. Folks also swap bijoya sweets and greetings.

Siliguri Durga Puja:

Began in 1955. Popular because of its Protima and several social actions, if Yubak Sangha is among the earliest pujas that’s said to draw the maximum amount Among many others would be definitely the most popular and the earliest puja in Siliguri. You’re in Siliguri that Durga puja, be sure to go to this pandal. Swastika Of individuals during Durga Puja in this region. 50th year along with the Sorojini Sanga finished 150 decades recently. Another Location at Which the Durga puja is Renowned as Great and With many pandals which appear brilliant with glowing lights. It’s stated that the The Silpanchal Durga Puja is also among the earliest pujas in Siliguri and it This quaint and Gorgeous town can be decorated

Durga puja has the very same customs and rituals adopted across towns. Can it be Assam, Kolkata or Bengal, the parties are the very same with possibly a few gaps here and there. Every town has colorfully decorated pandals with various topics and magnificent Durga idols.

Differences Between Durga Puja and Navratri:

With fall comes parties for Hindus in India. Even though the southern and western portions of India gears up for Navratri, the east celebrated Durga Puja. Though both the festivals are celebrated for a period of fourteen times, rituals differ from one another.

1.Navratri is celebrated for a period of fourteen daysfollowed closely by Dussehra. On the flip side, Durga Puja is celebrated for a period of 10 days.

2. While Navrati is a period of fasting in which devotees don’t consume eggs, poultry, garlic and onion throughout the nine-days, Durga Puja is a period when Bengalis indulge in plenty of non-vegetarian delicacies. Celebrated by Bengalis in big, Durga Puja is your opportunity to enjoy, laugh and have real Bengali cuisine.

3. Navratri revolves round worshipping Goddess Durga in her nine kinds and it finishes with a party of Lord Ram’s victory over Ravana.

The very first day of Durga Puja is Mahalaya, per day Once the struggle between Durga and Mahishasura starts.

5. Durga Puja finishes with Sindoor Khela (vermillion match ), where married women put sindoor onto each other, prior to the immersion of idol. After immersion of idols, folks wish Vijayadashami to another. On the flip side, Navratri ends with Dussehra, which marks the conclusion of Ramlila and recalls Lord Ram’s success over Ravan.

Durga Puja Dates 2020: Calendar and Schedule

Important OccasionsDateDay
Mahalaya, First Day17 September 2020Thursday
Panchmi, Fifth Day21 October 2020Wednesday
Shashthi, Sixth day22 October 2020Thursday
Saptami, Seventh Day23 October 2020Friday
Ashtami, Eight and biggest day24 October 2020Saturday
Nabami, Ninth Day25 October 2020Sunday
Dashmi, Tenth Day 26 October 2020Monday