Link building is a crucial part of an SEO UK strategy to get a higher ranking. It plays a significant role in a search engine optimization strategy. To improve the visibility of your brand, you must get direct inbound links to your website.

Process a Link Building Company Follows to Get Quality Links Through Guest Blogging

Here are 6 steps that a trusted digital marketing agency Malaysia believes you must follow to get more quality links to your site through guest blogging.

  • Post Your Topic at An Authoritative Site

You must choose an authoritative site to post your blog to get optimum benefit. To choose the right blog site, you must follow these steps:

1) Chose a site that is in a similar niche. Choosing the right site where you wish to publish your blog post is crucial. If you make a mistake in this, then the chances of your blog being read by your target audience are slim.

2) Once you have narrowed your search for the blog sites of your niche, the next step is to check how successful each one of them is doing online. To check their success, you must look at some important metrics like their social followers should be more than 10,000, the domain authority should be over 50, and it should have long-term readers.

3) You must post on a website, where you will get a featured bio. In the bio, you should write a small byline, give your headshot, and a link back to your website.

To find the right site to post your blog, you can use Google search operators. For example, “keyword” + “write for us,” “keyword” + “guest blog,” “keyword” + “contribute.”

Another way in which you can find the right site, wherein you can post your blogs is by looking at your competitor’s website. Examine the backlinks of your competitor’s website to find the site that it is using to upload blog posts.

  • Find the Perfect Pitch that is Highly Attractive

You must find a topic that the readers that you are targeting will find very attractive. To find the perfect pitch, you should follow the steps that a reputed link building company follows.

1) Check the site where you want to post your guest blog. Analyse carefully what kind of blogs are consistently posted there, and which topics get the most attention. Check whether there is any topic that is missing that you can address through your blog post.

2) Your tone of address in the blog should be informal and you should try to pitch it to a person rather than to a website. Guest blogging is trying to create a relationship and form ties that last for a long time.

3) You must carefully look at other popular bloggers on that site and find how they are pitching their ideas.

4) You should always follow the guidelines of the website where you are hosting your guest blog, otherwise, it would be deleted, and your entire effort will go to waste. 

  • Reach out to the Blog Administrator

You should use the “contact us” page to reach out to the blog administrator. You should introduce yourself and inform them that you are interested in writing for a specific niche and post it on their website with a return inbound link. After submitting the blog, you must check the status of the inbound link.

  • Write an Interesting and Highly Engaging Blog

To write a highly engaging and interesting blog post, you should follow the steps that any reputed SEO UK agency does to create content that resonates with the readers.

1) To write a great article, you must know what your audience needs. Once you identify the need of your target audience, then you can create a blog post. It would help in drawing the readers to your website by following your site’s link.

2) You must give your blog post a catchy headline. A catchy headline will attract the attention of the readers that you are targeting. They can then decide whether they want to read your post or not. Your headline should be catchy and show promise for the reader, what to expect.

3) Make your blog post detailed and provide the source link, if you have used any data to strengthen your argument in the blog. 

4) For easy readability, you must divide your blog into small sections of less than 300 words. You can also use visuals to explain a concept. Keep your paragraph short and do not use more than six sentences in a paragraph.

  • Funnel Your Readers Towards an Outcome

In your guest post, there would be a space in the biography section, where you can add a link. You should have a clear idea about what you want the reader to do. Do you want them to visit your online store? Sign up for your email newsletter, or follow your blog? You should give a link to that page of your website that offers the service or product that you want the reader to browse and buy.

  • Check And Measure Your Link Building Strategy

Your job is not done just by posting the blog on an authoritative site. You have to continuously track your effort by using analytic tools on your website. It would help you to check the number of visits, leads, and other SEO benefits the blog post has given. To get further benefits from your guest post, you should share it on your social media networks.

A trustworthy link-building company follows these steps extensively to quickly get high-quality inbound links for important pages of your website. Guest blogging, in addition to link building, has several other benefits that include brand recognition and exposing your brand to a new audience. Therefore, you should use guest blogging as a part of your overall marketing strategy to boost your ranking and traffic and get top-notch backlinks.

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