The Jio Rockers is a group of youth from the slums of Mumbai, who were known to give vent to their dance and music passion through their parties. They are made up of five siblings who grew up elements in the different slums of Mumbai who had started as street dancers when they were very young. The idea of starting a career in dancing was their great plan which they had been planning since their early childhood.

Today, the Jio Rockers has evolved to become popular worldwide through viral marketing campaigns and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. These websites are the ones that have made the life of these rockers unforgettable. The Jio Rockers first appeared on the MySpace page when they uploaded their first song ‘Mumbai.’ Their fans then liked their original art and photos and requested them to put their albums on the MySpace pages. They complied and released their first album ‘Singh In Mumbai.’

As the news spread throughout the country, so did the popularity of the Jio Rockers. MySpace users began requesting pictures of the rockers. Then, the news of actors and actresses attached with the name ‘Jio’ spread like wild fire. Some movies posters were also released showing the faces of the Jio Rockers along with their trademark hair kart. The demand for the Jio Rockers and their albums were so high that they decided to release an official website where people from all over India could get updates about the latest news about the Jio Rockers and the latest information on their upcoming tour.

Recently the Jio Rocker’s official site has received a lot of traffic and visitors and the website is proving to be very popular indeed. The website is home to many exciting features that are attracting visitors from across the world to register and become a member of the Jio fan club. It has some amazing archive pictures and videos of the jio rockers and many other celebrities that were once famous or are famous now. Most of the images are taken by the professional photographer Sanjay Leela Bhansali. One can also see the latest Jio commercial being launched and other movies clips being uploaded on the Jio Fan Club wall.

Recently there was a rumor that the film ‘Airlift’ starring Ajit plaudits the Indian government for banning all Indian sites that talk about Jio. This rumor is completely false and the truth is actually quite different. There are several sites that mention cricket matches held in various Indian cities. However the ban on posting any movie clip on these websites was made by the Indian government itself. The ban on discussing Jio in any Indian website is considered illegal by the government as it considers them unprofessional and unbecoming to our youth.

Many people do believe that the ban on mentioning Jio on internet sites is a move to stop the youth from flaunting their love for the jio rockers and TV shows. There are some sections of the media that feel that mentioning anything about the jio is unbecoming to our youth. They feel that mentioning any star’s work in these pages will encourage other fans of that channel to join that channel and watch their favorite movies or television shows. This is why the ban on mentioning anything about Jio is a perfectly legitimate move by the Indian government. After all the reason why the Indian government has banned mentioning of names of famous sports persons, actors or personalities in television and movies is because they feel it encourages substandard works.

Another reason as to why the Indian government has ordered to ban all mentions of Jio on all website is because of piracy. Piracy is rampant in India and till date the government has not set up any form of anti-piracy mechanism to curb this menace. As many people are already aware of the fact that the main producer of the jio show is an American based company named LG, the ban on mentioning their names in any form on the web is bound to impact negatively on the revenue generation by that company. It will be unfortunate if this controversy is exploited by those who are benefiting from piracy.

When you think about it, there is no question that the movie leak is a very big affair. Many have already called it as one of the biggest movie leaks in the history of television. The movie leak has caused much disturbance to the Indian audience as well as to the directors. With the immense popularity of the jio rockers in India, it is natural for the directors to exploit the situation and create a big name for themselves in the world of film. As such we can expect a lot of twists and turns in the coming months to come.