The official website of Isaidub, better known as ISaiD Dub, is an online repository of popular Tamil movies. The website is Tamil powered and has features that allow users to download movies in various file formats. Unlike many other sites, is dub has an extensive range of original Tamil movies for downloading. While Tamil movies are the primary focus of this site, it does have a great collection of Hollywood movies available as well.

The best feature of isai dub is that unlike other similar portals, the service is entirely free. All one needs is a username and a password to access the personal details of the subscriber. Once the username and password are entered, a list of all available movies in the site’s library will be displayed. The movie file names are listed alphabetically. For users who want to search for particular movie titles, isai dub provides an option to type the movie title or browse by popularity.

Unlike many sites selling pirated copies of movies, is dub has an extensive database of legitimate movies. The database includes all types of movies – new releases, recent favorites, all time bestsellers and all recent New York award winners. It also contains information on the best selling actresses and directors along with key entertainment industry executives. The database is constantly updated with the most recent information on popular Tamil actors and actresses. This is the primary reason why many users rely on this portal for information on the latest trending movies.

Another major advantage of isai dub is that it does not tolerate any kind of discrimination on gender. Both males and females can enjoy watching movies on this portal without any discrimination on gender. There is also no problem of copyright infringement on movies downloaded from this site. Isaidub is also a better technology than torrent websites for the general audience as movies are always available via high-speed broadband connections.

Many users have pointed out certain disadvantages of isai dub, which have made them prefer Amazon Prime Video instead. Though both services offer similar services, there are some differences between the two that make is prime a better choice for uploading and downloading movies. The main advantage of Amazon Prime Video is that it offers many international languages including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. It is also worth noting that the subscription fees on Amazon are more competitively priced than is dub.

Another major advantage of isaidub is that unlike isai dub, which is banned in many countries, is live is legal in most countries. This is another factor that makes it preferable to use. Users who love to watch Tamil movies will love is to live. In fact, isai dub is banned in India due to the piracy that it entails. Though the ban is lifted now, many illegal websites continue to exist so isaidub is the better solution.

The disadvantages of isaidub are minimal as compared to other online video portals. The only disadvantage is the ban on downloading movies from piracy websites makes it impossible to enjoy unlimited viewing of your favorite tamil movies. This ban is only for new releases though, so you can still enjoy the shows and movies that are out in the cinemas.

Overall, isai dub is the better option for uploading and downloading Tamil movies online. Amazon Prime Video is not only restricted to recent releases but also includes many international languages including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Apart from that, it is more convenient to use and offers a wider range of quality videos. On the other hand, is live continues to experience a lot of popularity in the cyber world and is the best alternative that many filmmakers prefer to choose over piracy websites.