IPL Auction: Arjun Tendulkar (Arjun Tendulkar), son of Sachin Tendulkar, was bought by Mumbai Indians for Rs 20 lakh in the IPL auction. Arjun is being heavily criticized on social media after being auctioned, after which sister Sara Tendulkar has now given a befitting reply to his critics. 

The players’ auction ended in Chennai on Thursday before the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). In the auction this year, some players were also bid on, who had no hope of being sold. One of these players is also the name of Arjun Tendulkar (son of legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar). Arjun was bought by Mumbai Indians for Rs 20 lakhs. Meanwhile, many users appeared unhappy with Arjun’s auction on Twitter and started criticizing him. Meanwhile, Arjun’s sister Sara (Sara Tendulkar) has now landed in her brother’s sport. 

Nepotism trending on Twitter

As soon as Mumbai included Arjun Tendulkar in his team, Nepotism started trending on Twitter. People started saying that due to Nepotism, Arjun has been given a place in the team of Mumbai. Along with Arjun, he also criticized Sachin Tendulkar a lot. 

Arjun got Sara’s support

Arjun’s sister Sara Tendulkar has given a befitting reply to those who criticize him through Instagram. Sara congratulated Bhai Arjun through an Instagram story and also wrote, ‘No one can take away this achievement from you, it is yours. He wrote in another story, ‘I am proud of you’. 

Fans also came in sports 

However, despite the displeasure of some people, many of Arjun’s fans also came in his support. Many fans also tweeted in support of Arjun Tendulkar. Many people believe that Arjun has reached Mumbai through his own hard work.