Bihari Masti is one of the most popular Bhojpuri websites because it has an extensive library of songs and videos, which are all free to download. If you’re a fan of this interesting language, then be sure to visit the website for a fantastic selection of music.

What is Bihari Masti?

Bihari Masti is a folk song that is traditionally sung by the Biharis. The songs are made up of a mixture of Hindustani, Eastern Indian, and Western Indian tunes. These songs are sung at weddings, festivals, and other celebratory occasions.

What’s New

The new website is an excellent resource for learning everything there is to know about the Bihari culture. You can review Bihari Masti songs, learn how to make traditional foods, and read a cultural perspective of the state. Additionally, you can find out just what it means to be Bihari.

Where You Can Find Movies and Songs of the Latest Hits

Whether you are looking for movies or songs, Bihari Masti is the perfect site for it. This website offers everything from recent hits like “Lattu” and “Kali Denali”, to old favorites like “Jo Jeeta Wrestler Hai”, which has been downloaded over 5 million times. You can find music in bollywood, telugu, malayalam, hindi, and other indian languages.

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How to Download Bhojpuri Songs?

There are many reasons to download bhojpuri movies and songs. If you want to make the most of your smartphone’s memory, downloading these files will help you avoid storing them on your phone. You may also find that it is not practical to download a movie file when you only have limited space on your phone. This can be especially true if you are traveling internationally and don’t want to use up all your data plan.


Bihari Masti is a cultural practice that is prominent in the state of Bihar in India. It involves singing and dancing about the life and times of Lord Krishna. It is typically sung by Biharis who are Hindu. The tradition is often seen as a form of worship or prayer, with the singers feeling that they are actually experiencing Krishna’s adventures.