Recently, the data of Ashley Madison, a website that helps married couples to have an affair with non-women / men, was leaked. The identities and secret information of the people connected to this site in millions of numbers became public. Astonishingly there are also around 3 lakh Indians on this site who, despite being their wife/husband, are eager to have sex with non-women/men. Now they are also afraid that their pole may not be exposed in front of the whole world. This is not the first time that Indians have found a means to fulfill such a suppressed desire. A similar case had come up before this as well. In March 2008, a UK resident of Indian origin Puneet Agarwal (pseudonym Deshmukh) started the website Savita Bhabhi. Married Savita used to flirt with other men. The Savita Bhabhi website, presented in the form of a cartoon, was very much liked by Indians at that time. In just 6 months, 30,000 Indian users were registered on it.

Government of India banned Savita Bhabhi

In 2008, the Savita Bhabhi site started publishing colorful cartoons in the form of series. This series would end at the end of the month. In June 2009, this website was banned by the Government of India. By then Savita Bhabhi website had one and a half crore visitors. With this ban, the number of users on the website increased further. Experts’ debate on the ban on Savita Bhabhi started. Many called it a curb on the freedom of individual choice, while many justified it.

Savita Bhabhi appeared in a new look after 4 years

There was a long debate during the ban on Savita Bhabhi and finally it came out that the Government of India is not authorized to ban any such website. After the amendment in the IT Act 2000, the government did not have the right to ban porn sites like Savita Bhabhi. Section 69A was introduced in the IT Act on 27 October 2009 and the power to ban any website remained with the court only.

However, despite this, the government can ban a website provided that it does not pose a threat to the rule of law (public order). After this Savita Bhabhi once again made a comeback. In late 2009, the Savita Bhabhi website started charging a monthly subscription fee of $25. The newly introduced Savita Bhabhi site attracted 2 million visitors, of which 8% were female IDs.

Savita Bhabhi arrived in Goa

After the ban, Savita Bhabhi was also introduced as a movie. In short, the site benefited from the ban and not only increased its users but also its earnings. The new episode of Savita Bhabhi featured Goa Trip. In this, Savita along with some of her female friends shot the film at a resort and was published online. When the Goa government came to know about this, preparations were made to legally tighten the noose. Goa Police said that the site is now being operated from UK and it is difficult to get hold of it from India.

savita bhabhi spread like virus

There was a ban, then a new decision came, the site started again but with a new name. Now the new form of this website has spread like a virus on the internet. It is now available to Indians and foreigners in the form of cartoons, animated and movies. Savita Bhabhi is introduced as a Gujarati married woman who is dissatisfied with her married life and tries new ways to have an affair. According to the site’s operator, the site is now based in the European Union and its servers are located in the US. They say that now if the site is banned, then all they have to do is create a new website and the old banned site will appear directly on the new one.

Savita Bhabhi came in the eyes of Bollywood

Be it the reason for the ban or its hidden popularity, Savita Bhabhi became a popular name. Bollywood was no exception to this. Puneet Aggarwal himself released an animated movie named Savita Bhabhi in 2013. In this, the ban on the movie Savita Bhabhi was presented in a funny way. Earlier, seeing the popularity of Savita Bhabhi, a movie named Sheetal was released. Instead of using Savita’s name in the film, sister-in-law was given the name Sheetal. Hina Rehman played the role of sister-in-law. Actress Monalisa of B grade films also appeared in this film.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Savita Bhabhi

Renowned Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma was also so impressed with the character Savita Bhabhi that he thought of bringing this cartoon character to the cine screen. At the end of the year 2012, there were reports that Ram Gopal Varma was going to make a Bollywood movie on Savita Bhabhi. There were also discussions about getting hot actress Roslyn Khan to play the role of Savita Bhabhi in the film. Roslyn’s reason for coming into the discussion was a video of her in which she became Savita’s sister-in-law. However, till now Ram Gopal Varma has not made any such movie. He said that he is not making any such film about Roslyn Khan. This is just rumour.

Savita Bhabhi in Mastram

Mastram made another film about Savita Bhabhi character. Mastram producer Sunil Bohra has been accused of copyright infringement by Nitin Gupta, producer of Savita Bhabhi movie. It is said that a character in the Mastram movie was named Savita and was accused of being similar and inspired by Savita’s sister-in-law’s character. According to Gupta, Bohra had called him for rights, but he refused. A legal notice was also sent to Bohra in this regard. However, according to Bohra, he did not get any such notice. Bohra says that he got the title of Savita Bhabhi copyrighted years back.

Hunter actor also got addicted to Savita Bhabhi

Renowned director Anurag Kashyap announced his new movie Hunter in the year 2015. Kashyap also gave place to Savita in this film. The main character of the film claims to understand and fulfill the needs of women. The film is full of bold scenes and dialogues. Gulshan Devaiah, Radhika Apte and Sai Tamhankar played the main character Vasu in Hunter. Tamhankar has played the character of Savita Bhabhi.

Sunny Leone turns Savita Bhabhi

How can it happen that Indian cartoon character Savita Bhabhi is left behind by former porn star and current Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone also tried her best to be Savita Bhabhi. This effort of Sunny was clearly visible when she did a photoshoot for a magazine. In this photoshoot, Sunny was wearing a transparent green sari. In this topless look, Sunny wore a bindi and wore bangles.

By the way, since the trend of web series started in India, not only Savita Bhabhi but there are many other names that promote adult in which the biggest name is Alt Balaji Group itself.

Gandii Baat (2018-2020)
Mona Home Delivery (2019-2020)
Wanna Have a Good Time (2018-2019)
Kavita Bhabhi (2020)
Virgin Bhasskar (2019-2020)
Dev DD (2017-2018)
XXX Uncensored (2018)
Masterm (2020)
Bekaaboo (2019)
Maaya: Slave of her Desires (2017)
Four More Shots Please (2019-2020)

Even if the government wants, is it so difficult to stop this filth. Webseries has become a great platform for spreading nudity in India. Although this is not correct, but there are some good webseries in the webseries which were liked a lot.

from group to solitude

First the whole family watches TV together in front of the TV. Then the time changed, advanced technology came in hand in advance smartphone. Till now you were in the group. Seeing that your smartphones were upgraded and TV serials are also becoming limited in your world, the webseries is spreading its foot very fast.