Elections 2019, how to vote in India, Election Timings 14 places within Uttar Pradesh, 12 in Rajasthan Seven seats each within West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh Five seats within Bihar along with four from Jharkhand will be going to the elections at the end of the five-phase along with Ladakh as well as Anantnag districts within Jammu as well as Kashmir.

In the fifth round of Lok Sabha elections will see the voting spread across seven states and 51 constituencies. 14 places are in Uttar Pradesh, 12 in Rajasthan seven seats each across West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh five seats within Bihar as well as four from Jharkhand will be going to the polls as well as Ladakh as well as Anantnag districts located in Jammu as well as Kashmir. In addition, re-polling will be carried out in five polling booths to elect 3 Assembly as well as five Lok Sabha segments in three districts in Andhra Pradesh.

How do I vote in the Indian elections in 2019?

You are eligible to vote only when your name is listed on the Voter List (also called the Electoral Roll). Voters can get information about the polling booths, contesting candidates Election dates and timings as well as identity cards and E-voting machines (EVM).

How do I vote? What is the procedure for voting at the polling station?

The polling officer will check your name against the voter list and will verify your ID .
The official will sign your finger with ink, hand you a slip, and then take your signature in the Register (Form 17A).
The voter must deposit the slip with the third official of the polling booth and present your ink finger before proceeding to the booth for voting.
Note you vote using the button next to an image of the candidate you prefer in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and you will hear an audible beep.
The slip shows up in the window transparent of the VVPAT machine. The slip that contains the Candidate serial number. Name, Symbol and Name will be visible for 7 seconds before dropping into the compartment that is sealed VVPAT box.
# Press NOTA, None of the above, if you don’t like any candidate. It’s the final option on the EVM.
# For more information, please see the Voter Guide on http://ecisveep.nic.in/
# Mobile cameras, phones or any other electronic device isn’t allowed in a booth for voting.

Voting: What is the best way do you verify your name on the voter lists?

# Logging in to electoralsearch.in
# To call for the Voter Helpline 50 (please include your STD code prior to calling)
SMS Space from 1950 (EPIC is the abbreviation in the form of Electors to 1950 (EPIC stands for Electors’ Photo Identification Card, also often referred to as Voter ID card). Example: In the event that you’re EPIC is 12345678, then text ECI 12345678 until 1950.
# Download Voter Helpline App

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Candidate list

Voters can go to Candidate Affidavit Portal (click here) or download the Voter Helpline App (click here) to view the candidates’ names. Be aware that this information is constantly updated as affidavits are filed by the candidates.

Where can you find the polling place you are looking for

# Voters can visit electoralsearch.in or the Voter Assistance App to locate their polling booth
# Voters are able to call the Voter Helpline. The phone telephone number for the helpline is 50 (please include your STD code prior to calling)
# For Polling station location SMS Space until 1950

How do I utilize EVM to vote?

EVM is an acronym for Electronic Voting Machine EVM stands for Electronic Voting Machine. VVPAT signifies Voter Verifiable paper Audit Trail (VVPAT). Check out the video to understand how to vote with EVM VVPAT.

What are the best ways to use identification evidence?

#EPIC (Voter Identification card)
# Passport
# Driving License
ID Cards for Service with photos provided to all employees issued by the Central/State Govt./PSUs/Public Limited Companies
# Passbooks with photos made by Bank/Post Office
# PAN Card
The Smart Card is given through RGI under NPR
# MNREGA Job Card (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee)
# Health Insurance Smart Card issued in the framework of Ministry of Labour
# Pension document with photo
Official identity cards issued to MPs, MLAs and MLCs.
# Aadhaar Card

What is dates for the Lok Sabha election dates?

Lok Sabha elections are scheduled between 11 April and 23 May, 2019. Visit electoralsearch.in to verify the exact date.

Phase 1 – 11th Apr
Phase 2 – 18th April
Phase 3 – 23rd April
Phase 4 – 29th April
Phase 5 – 6th May
Phase 6 – 12th May
Phase 7 – 19th May

The results of the election were announced the 23rd of May.

EC blocks fake news about EVM, VVPAT

In the meantime, the Election Commission took note of the false information that was posted in social media which states that “while voting, voters should keep #EVM button pressed till the slip comes out on the #VVPAT”. In a tweet the poll watchdog posted, “Some mischievous elements have posted false info on various social platforms saying that while voting, voters must keep the pressing the #EVM button until the slip appears at the time of the vote. Please verify the information. #LokSabhaElections2019.”

In case you’re in want to know, here are the steps you need to take to vote:

1. When pressing the button for a candidate when you press the candidate button EVM The glowing red light on the LED will flash following which the voter needs to release his finger from the button.

2. A VVPAT slip will begin printing, and remain visible for about 7 seconds , after which it will be cut and drop into the collection box . Then, an alarm will be heard to signal that the vote has been successful taken.

3. But, if the voter keeps pressing the button for a candidate this will not assist nor cause any damage to the EVM.

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