The debate between cannabis and CBD has been rekindled lately with a number of people dying of cancer. Even more frightening is the discovery that marijuana can cause all sorts of cancers, including leukemia, and possibly many other forms of cancer. What does all this mean for those who are fighting cancer? It means that they have even more reasons to want to find an alternative form of treatment, one that actually produces results.

When you think of a cure for cancer, there are three things that probably come to mind. They include taking chemotherapy, having surgery, or even just being able to stick with an active lifestyle. While each of these treatments has its own benefits, none of them are a sure bet, and it seems that medical researchers are coming to the conclusion that it’s best to try and find a “clean slate” method for healing any illness, including chronic pain. That’s where CBD oil and hemp oil came into the picture. They’ve been shown to be effective in helping people with chronic pain.

What are CBD oil and hemp oil? Well, hemp oil is derived from cannabis, which contains the chemical THC. But CBD is not found in cannabis, so CBD-rich oils are created by using pure CBD from a CBD-free hemp plant, thereby avoiding the potentially harmful THC. The difference between the two is that CBD has no psychoactive properties, so it’s not addictive like the THC is. So basically, it’s an exceptional natural painkiller.

As far as a natural remedy goes, CBD and hemp oil are both pretty much safe. The only issue is that they are both smoked, which may not be safe depending on your goals. If you’re just trying to relax and feel good, inhaling the oil several times throughout the day may have no effect, but if you want to go to sleep or wake up feeling more energized than ever, then smoking the plant is definitely the way to go. It’s a great natural remedy option.

When it comes to growing cannabis plants for CBD, there are three different methods to get the plant growing properly. The three different methods include casing, hydroponic gardening, and soil or composting. Each method requires different amounts of water, space, energy, and resources to get the plant growing and producing good-quality CBD oil. Let’s take a look at each one.

Casing: Growing cannabis sativa plants in case of a case of emergency is a fantastic idea because you never know when you’ll need the plant. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to grow a whole plant, instead of a cut fruit or small seeds. Creating a small “case” will produce high-quality oils that can be used right away. When growing a whole plant, make sure to place it somewhere with direct sunlight (but try to keep the plant away from heavy shade or heavy frost). If you live in an area with poor sunlight, don’t worry; hemp oil will still grow fine, even in the dark.

Hydroponic Gardening: When growing cannabis using hydroponics, the plants are grown in nutrient rich solution filled with water and organic materials such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Organic materials are highly recommended because they’re free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, and other unnatural ingredients that often contaminate or damage other plants. Hydroponics also allows for a much smaller footprint, making it easier to grow a large number of plants at the same time without any over planting. This is especially beneficial in urban locations where space is at a premium. If you live in a sunny state, hydroponics might be your best bet for growing your own CBD.

While I’ve been covering different methods of growing cannabis, one thing that really got my attention was the prospect of growing cannabis in a hydroponic system with Bonn-Miller’s HHO method. After doing my research, I found that this was the only system that was able to completely eliminate all of the “plant toxins” that were often present when growing cannabis. Through my research I also discovered that Bonn-Miller’s system doesn’t require electricity to run, eliminating the need for the average consumer to purchase an expensive hydroponic system. In my opinion, if you’re looking for a way to grow your own CBD, the Bonn-Miller’s HHO system is the way to go!