Yes! Once an invoice has an IRN, the e-invoice can’t be changed, changed, or deleted. How can I fix the e-invoice now that I know that the information is wrong and it can’t be changed? Are there any other ways to do this? Are there other ways to change the e-invoice details other than making changes to it? To know more about How to Amend or Modify E-invoice, click here.

Options to change or change an e-invoice

Cancel the e-invoice

In all the cases where an e-invoice needs to be changed, the only option is to cancel the IRN that was made with the wrong information. In simple terms, you need to delete the e-invoice that was made with the wrong information. A few days after that, record a new invoice with all the correct information and upload it to make a new IRN. Remember that you can’t use the same invoice number. You need a new one, and you can cancel before 24 hours have passed since the IRN was made.

Debit Card and Credit Card Note

In this case, the debit note and the credit note are the two types of notes.

There is a time limit for you to cancel an e-invoice. To get rid of the invoice information, you need to use a debit note or credit note. Next, write down a new invoice and make a new IRN number.

Changes to the GST Portal

The IRP can’t be changed, but changes can be made on the GST portal when you file GSTR-1, so that the invoice information on the IRP is correct. e-invoices are linked to the GST system, which means that as soon as an e-invoice is made, the details of the invoice will be automatically entered into GSTR-1. This can be changed.

This is a list of things you can do to change the e-invoice. Based on the type of change and the situation, you can choose any of the options to change the e-invoice details.

No, IRN/e-invoice can’t be Deleted or Changed

The IRN can’t be changed or deleted after it’s been made. However, if the IRN is made with the wrong information, it can be changed. As soon as you cancel an invoice (with the same number), you can no longer report it for the IRN to be made again. The cancellation must be done within 24 hours of the time that it was made.

If I make a mistake or enter the wrong data in the e-invoice, what should I do?

Because of the way the e-invoice is set up, you can’t change or correct any mistakes in the invoice. It’s the only way to get rid of that invoice and IRN. You can then upload a new invoice with a new number and get a new IRN.

These are the few questions and elaborated steps on whether or not the e-invoice can be modified or changed. To know more about, Special Economic Zone, visit us.