Doing research on web hosting services? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today through this blog, I am going to tell you the bare basics of web hosting services which you should know if you are a businessperson. 


It is not compulsory to avail web hosting service, you can self-host your website as well. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. With self-hosting, you need to have the latest technology and technical experts who are available 24 hours to solve any issue that arises. 

That is usually not possible to execute regularly many web hosts provide especially when you are running a business. Plus the cost is much higher if compared to a third-party service. 

Most businesses need a website to sell their services and most importantly to create and maintain their online presence. 

Businesses need websites to establish their online presence and to sell their services. Your business does not exist for the world if it does not have a website. A lot of other channels are interconnected with a website such as social media platforms, newsletters, email marketing. 

Pros of Self-hosting

  • You can have 100% control over your website. 
  • With self-hosting, you can customize your website, your way. 

Cons of Self-hosting 

You will be responsible for website maintenance which needs to be done frequently. Maintenance of a website consumes time and you might need to hire a resource. 

Self-hosting is a big responsibility that comes with many regular tasks, running a business and self-hosting cannot go hand-in-hand. 

Self-hosting will cost you much more money in comparison to having a web hosting service provider. 

No matter how much technical knowledge you have, you will still need help to deal with website updates and backups. So it’s better to go for a web hosting service rather than wasting your time. 

To conclude, you are better off hiring a web host than self-hosting. 

What is Web Hosting? 

Web hosting is an online service that helps you publish your website on the internet. Websites come with massive data and you need storage for the same. A web host also rents you a physical server where you can securely save all your data and files. 

Every platform offers different plans or packages, a lot of it depends on the web host you choose to hire. Elementor, for example, offers cloud hosting for WordPress at very reasonable prices

Your web hosting service provider will be the one handling all your website significant work, from transferring crucial data files to regular backups. You need to select your web host carefully, you will be in touch with them for a long-time so a lot of things matter in making this decision. 

Following are some salient factors on how to choose a web host;

  • Reliable Source

One of the first things you need to observe is the reliability of the web host company. You can figure out this by analyzing the company’s communication skills (do they speak with confidence) and client reviews.  

Client reviews are the best way to know about a company’s reputation. We know nowadays businesses hire online reputation management services and earn clean chit from their end. But, still, there are some character traits you can calculate. 

  • Server Technology 

Choose a web host that uses modern technology, no reason to tell you why it’s important. Outdated technology can only harm and slow your work progress,  with the latest technology you can expect the opposite. 

  • Support Team- It Matters

You never know when your website crashes or some bug comes up. Any issue can come up while working on a live website and you need that consistent technical support. Pick web hosting service with first 24 hours tech support, second offers various communication modes, third response on time. 

One way to check this point is by acting as a consumer yourself and finding out how the tech team responds. If everything goes fine; you can move ahead with the service provider. 

  • Web Hosting Service Price Structure 

It all ends at what price you have to pay, you are running a business, and saving money, wherever you can, must be a priority. Do not fall for the low first-year price, lots of web hosting services that offer subscriptions at $3.00 usually charge triple the amount at renewal. 

So, make sure to check out the renewal charges of the same service. You will also have to check for cancellation charges and if there are any hidden fees. 

  • Migration 

If you are planning to migrate, there are many web hosts that provide the service free of cost. Some just give the software and you have to do the migration process by yourself. Choose a web host that offers free migration. Best web hosting service provider offers basic free of cost such as; SSL certification, domain name, regular data backups, and so on. Go for such a service provider who keeps customers in mind. 

To Sum Up

Hiring a web host service provider is a crucial decision as you have to work with them probably for the long term. Along with this, your website needs a good service provider to keep on running smoothly. We hope after reading the blog, you get the idea of what web hosting is and certain features you absolutely need.

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