It’s funny how so many fitness and bodybuilding magazines recommend BodyPump to their readers. First of all, let me tell you that I don’t make a habit of buying every fitness magazine that comes out. I’m a “read it to try it” kind of gal. But, when I saw the ads for BodyPump, I couldn’t help myself-I had to have it. Here’s why:

BodyPump includes a proprietary formula developed by Bill Pappas that takes fat loss and calorie control to the next level. It takes out all the guesswork regarding how many calories are burned during your workout. How many of these do you think are actually lost? Not many, right? That’s because the BodyPump caloric burnback system figured your exercise workouts out correctly!

The BodyPump caloric burnback system also includes an interactive workout calculator. This calculator allows you to input specific exercise workouts and then determine your total calories burned. You can also input a time range and the BodyPump will provide you with your weighted average kilocalories per minute. In addition to this, the BodyPump has a great support system. Whether you want to purchase a subscription or simply learn more about the product yourself, the BodyPump website has a wealth of information.

How many actual calories do you burn in a heavy load resistance exercise workout? BodyPump will answer that question too. They provide a comprehensive amount of information on their website including graphs and interactive workouts showing you exactly how many calories you are burning during each workout session. In addition to showing you your estimated average kilocalories per minute and your estimated maximum kilocalories per minute, the BodyPump provides you with details on your individual exercise routines. In addition, you can track your progress and calories burned throughout the course of your exercise program.

Can the BodyPump help you lose weight? The BodyPump is not intended to be a supplement for losing weight. If you are looking to lose weight, you should consult your health care provider. However, the BodyPump can assist you in increasing your calorie expenditure and improving your ability to burn calories. As you increase your calorie expenditure, so will your weight loss.

Will using the BodyPump help me get fit? The BodyPump can help you get fit by providing you with the motivation you need to continue your exercise plan. When used along with your exercise plan, the BodyPump can help you reach your goals and keep you motivated. By providing you with a daily reminder of your progress, you will be encouraged to continue with your exercise. If you continue to use the BodyPump, you will also be able to evaluate your exercise plan to determine if it is working for you. As you make adjustments to your workout plan, you can continue to use the BodyPump to stay motivated.

Is the BodyPump safe for everyone? The BodyPump is safe for everyone to use as long as you follow the guidelines for using the device. You should avoid exercising when you are dehydrated or feeling ill. Using the BodyPump while you are exercising can help you keep track of your calories burned during your exercise. If you experience any adverse side effects, stop using the BodyPump and speak with your health care provider.

How much does the BodyPump cost? The BodyPump is affordable and is designed to be used each day. This makes it a low-cost choice for many people. The device also works when you are at home, in the gym or outdoors. The cost of the unit will depend on the number of calories you want to burn and the duration of your exercise session. As with any exercise equipment, the BodyPump is priced to be effective, but you may want to consider a different option if cost is an issue for you.