Bikers see bikes as an extension of themselves regardless of whether they purchase a brand new bike or a second-hand bike. Owning the first bike is an amazing experience. People may not be able to purchase a brand new bike, yet that does not mean they should stop dreaming. If you are on a tight budget, a second-hand bike may be a good choice. A used bike is a great option for anyone looking to get a bike but isn’t willing to spend a lot. Be realistic about your budget and know what you’re searching for. Get yourself a bike that will hold up to miles of adventure and fun. 

As India’s road space continues to shrink, motorcycles are becoming an increasingly popular option for commuters to overcome the challenges that cities are throwing at them. Both the inflated fuel prices and the poor road conditions encourage riders to choose motorcycles over other modes of transportation. The number of manufacturers vying for the attention of buyers is rather long, and buyers have plenty of choices. However, if you cannot afford or don’t want to spend big bucks, the best 2nd hand bikes can be an excellent solution too, provided you know what you are looking for.

First things first- Decide why you want to purchase a second-hand bike?

The first thing you need to consider is your need for a bicycle. Is it a necessity and do you commute to work or school every day? Do you hate public transportation and want to save time commuting?

It is your secondary mode of transportation and you use it for daily chores such as going short distances. Or you have been dreaming about riding a specific bike since you were a child and you think now is the time.

After you decide what you want, you need to determine the segment. Segment depends on the amount of money you have. Know that a newer bike is likely to be in better condition. Cruiser motorcycles also require more maintenance, but they are comfortable for longer rides. 

What things should be kept in mind before buying a second-hand bike? 

  1. Defining purpose: The first thing you need to determine is what you will use your two-wheeler for. If you are planning to go on road trips with the family or cross-country, you will need a touring bike that is easy to ride and won’t let you down while you are on the road.  Typically, a sports bike would be more suitable for short distances, while a decent motorcycle or scooter would be perfect for daily commutes to work or any other place. Whatever the case, it is important to understand what exactly you are looking for from a two-wheeler.
  2. Check the insurance cover: You can get your used two-wheeler insured based on the bike model, age, and other factors, so it can be tricky to choose a two-wheeler insurance package for a used two-wheeler with little value. It is mandatory to purchase a third-party bike insurance policy. However, comprehensive bike insurance is the best option as it provides more protection. You can easily compare different insurance plans’ benefits, premium rates, and the benefits each company offers.
  3. The place from where you will buy the bike: You can take a test ride and receive support from the dealer’s service department if you purchase a two-wheeler from a dealer. You can also exchange your current two-wheeler for another one with the payment of an additional price. The dealer can also facilitate the sale of your current vehicle, and offer you detailed information about service history and guarantees. The dealer may be able to offer you a wider choice of vehicles as well as facilitate the sale of your current vehicle.
  4. Document verification: A vital part of purchasing a second-hand vehicle is making sure that all the original documents are present, such as the registration certificate, receipt for the transaction, and insurance papers. Vehicle thefts are prevalent these days, so you need to make sure that the seller is genuine. If you buy a two-wheeler without valid insurance, then you’ll be legally restricted from selling or trading it. When buying your vehicle from a dealership, make sure to ask for all the documents from the dealership. If you’re planning on buying the vehicle from an individual owner, make sure you check the registration and make sure that they own it.
  5. A test ride is essential: If you want to prove that the bike is right for you, you should always take it for a test ride and determine whether it has the power and performance you are looking for. Surely you do not want your vehicle to be completely inappropriate for you. If you are new to riding, you do not want to ride a sportbike. When you are going to spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle, it is important to inspect it carefully. By taking the assistance of a mechanic you can be sure to discover whether the bike is worth buying or not. It would be very costly to overlook one small detail in the long run.
  6. Research well: As soon as you get a sense of why you need the bike, tell yourself what you want to accomplish with it. You may find different dealers will offer the bike at different prices, with different ages of the bikes. Depending on the dealer, the age of the bike may also vary. It is not necessary to buy a second-hand bike from a bike dealer. It can be procured from a friend or a recognized online platform. 

If there is no written record of the previous servicing, you can simply ask the seller for an estimate. Otherwise, it will be ideal if the seller has a service record. This will allow you to determine how much maintenance has been done and what more needs to be done. To buy 2nd hand bike, contact the websites selling second-hand bikes or your near & dear ones.