Sperm are very microscopic, living male reproductive cells. The spermicides can be seen shaking with a microscope. It can survive only in alkaline / alkaline condition. Acidity / acidic medium destroys them. The alkaline, the substance found in the semen from the prostate gland, is smooth and thin so that the spermatozoa can run easily. As long as sperm remain in the male reproductive tract, there is no movement in them. But after ejaculation ejaculation they move faster. Due to its speed, these sperm reach the vagina from the vagina and then into the duct. Sperm are able to survive for only a few hours to 1-2 days in a woman’s genitals.

Of known sperm

A sperm cell is a flagellated cell consisting of the head, cervix, middle part and tail.

Head Head: The head part of the sperm is oval at one end and flattened at the other end. On the front side of the oval end, the acrosome is the part that releases a type of enzyme that can lead to fertilization. The genetic information of the father is also in this part.

Middle part Mid Piece: This is the power house of sperm. It contains mitochondria which gives strength to the sperm to swim.

Tail Tail: It contains microtubes that push the sperm forward.

Sperm enhancer measures

Some foods and medicinal plants have been prescribed in Ayurveda whose intake enhances the overall health and especially the ability of progeny. All these food items are Shukra, ie sperm enhancers, rationalizers / libido enhancers and chemicals (antiaging, tonic). Consuming these foods gives the body strength, energy, strength, and energy. This liquid is a metal enhancer, semen enhancer, strength enhancer and muscle enhancer.

1- pestle powder + bunion fork powder + Talmkhana + asparagus powder root + Kaunch powder seeds , mix in equal amounts. Add equal quantity of sugar powder to it. Store this medicinal powder in a bottle and store it. Take 5 grams this powder twice a day with lukewarm milk, morning and evening. Do this continuously for 3-4 months. Semen thickens and increases sperm count.

2- Mix equal amount of powder of poppy seeds / poppy seeds + kernel seed . Take it in the quantity of 5 grams twice a day with cow’s milk mixed with sugar milk for a few months continuously.

3. Ashwagandha root powder + asparagus powder root + elephant root , mix in equal amounts. Store this medicinal powder in a bottle and store it. Take 5 grams of this powder twice a day with lukewarm cow’s milk twice a day, morning and evening.

4- acacia pods dry. Make a powder by grinding it. Add equal amount of sugar in it. Take it in the quantity of five grams daily, twice a day in the morning and evening, with lukewarm sugar-containing milk.

5- Tamarind seed kernel is also used in sperm deficiency, premature ejaculation , thinning of semen etc. Soak tamarind seeds in water so that its skin peels off. Separate the skin. Dry the kernel in the shade. Make a powder by crushing it. Add equal amount of sugar in it. Drink it in the quantity of quarter teaspoon daily, twice a day with milk containing lukewarm sugar. Do this continuously for 2 months.

Soak tamarind seeds in water. Peel off when it is soft. Melt it in the mortar and mix the sugar candy. When it becomes thick while rotating, make three grams of its tablets and dry them. Take one tablet daily with milk in the evening.

Fry tamarind seeds. Peel them off and grind the kernel to make powder. Add equal amount of sugar in it. Drink it in the quantity of 5 grams daily.

6- white onion juice 25 ml of honey drink with. You can also add ghee and ginger juice to it.

7- Eat ashwagandha root powder with sugar candy, ghee and honey.

8- Lick the Amalaki chemicals with honey .

Some Other Useful Tips

  1. Milk, ghee, butter, banana , dates etc. should be consumed with semen-enhancing foods.
  2. Do not eat junk food.
  3. Do not eat fried, roasted, sour, spicy foods.
  4. Drink lots of water.
  5. do the exercise.
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Do not let yourself be constipated. For this, take Haritaki Churna or Triphala Churna at bedtime.
  8. Keep digestion right.

If there is weakness of digestion, then it must be corrected. If digestion is weak then nutritious, but heavy, balsamic and sweet enhancing measures will not be absorbed properly. According to the state of your digestion, decide the amount of remedies.