Designing outdoor spaces is way more difficult than doing the interior of the home- There are no well-defined walls and boundaries, the interior design techniques that work inside will not work outside, and there are a bunch of things to consider from weather to birds and bugs!

However, when it comes to your outside spaces, you need to follow some of the rules of interior designing to make them inviting and easy to maintain. The first step would be to figure out what you will be using the space for, is it someplace you can relax in, how many people it can fit and or who all will be using the space. The next step would be to figure out a floor plan- take a sketchbook and design how you would like your outdoor space to look. And then the last step would be to decide on the colour palette.

To help you with designing an outdoor space that you can spend your warm days in, we have compiled a list of home improvement ideas.

The seating

Whether you like spending time alone, reading a book in your backyard or spending time with your friends over the weekend, barbequing, outdoor seating is the most important. It’s important that it’s comfortable and fulfils the purpose. You are more likely to kick back and relax if you have a lounging chair than a patio chair and table. You can also consider outside sofas if you are blessed with a good temperature for most parts of the year- a deep seating set would be perfect to have friends and family around. Keep a few foldable chairs handy on the outside if you often have company.

The Colour Palette

When it comes to choosing the colour palette for your outside space, the best home improvement idea would be to make it an extension of your living room and continue with the colours and designs outside. However, if you wish to make the outside a separate space, go for wooden and nature-inspired features- A green deep seating couch with a wooden table or neutral furniture that brings focus to the natural elements in your backyard- there are numerous ways. The only thing you need to consider when choosing the colour palette is the material you will be using- remember that the weather is unpredictable and it can rain anytime, or birds and bugs can be something constant in your outdoor space because of the place you live in-, either way, using material that is waterproof and can be cleaned easily while also standing strong against wind and other weather conditions is important.

Add a water feature

Your landscape will consist of many complex elements and a water feature can help in bringing the elements together. Water has a calming effect and adds charm to a space. One of our best home improvement ideas, a water feature also makes the air fresher. Consider a backdoor waterfall- it provides the added “water-falling” sound that helps in reducing stress and making the space feel harmonious as it is white noise. It can also be extremely beneficial if you work from home and want background noise. Water features also promote more wildlife into your backyard- different kinds of birds, bugs and plants which can make the place more charming all the while contributing to nature.

Water features can sometimes be expensive, especially if you plan to go for the bigger ones. To make sure that your outdoor space is safe, make sure you have CCTV cameras around. You can get one installed by professionals by clicking here.

Landscape elements

When it comes to home improvement ideas for outdoor spaces, it’s important to consider the landscape- you don’t want to completely remove the natural elements, but you also need to have a space that’s easy to navigate. Consider native plants. If possible, go for plants with flowers that invite bees over. You will find that bees make for better landscapes as they will add to the native plants and flowers. However, also make sure that you are considering the navigation around the area. Adding trees that cover the view is not a good idea either. Instead, consider creating a balanced space that adds to your outdoor décor rather than overpowering it.

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When it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere, lightning is as important on the outside of the house as it is on the inside. Just adding fairy lights can make the whole space look different. Go for solar-powered lightning and you won’t have to worry about the electricity bill or batteries getting damaged. Choosing warm lighting can also make your space look more inviting and warmer, whereas cold lightning may invite overnight bugs like moths and mosquitoes. You can also opt for wall lights or even better, a fireplace, If you live in colder climates