n Ayurveda, different types of medicines (Haridra Khand) are made in powder, Kalk, Kvath, Kashay, Khand oil. Khand Pakal Kalpana is also one of them, in this imagination, jaggery or sugar is mixed with medicines and cooked.

When properly cooked, the medicine is manufactured with the imagination of Khandak. Khandpak medicine has a special significance in Ayurveda.

Haridra Khand is also one of them. Turmeric or Turmeric I Turmeric is a herb which, due to its rich medicinal properties, has great importance in spices as well.

Turmeric is rich in anti-oxidant properties, contains curcumin, which protects us from many diseases. Apart from this, it has properties from antibiotic, antipyretic, antiseptic, antifungal, antimicrobials.

Apart from this, turmeric is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin B, iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, carbohydrate fiber. Turmeric is rich in anti-oxidant properties, contains curcumin, which protects us from many diseases.

Turmeric is the best medicine, which protects us from many diseases. Since turmeric is the main ingredient in the manufacture of this medicine, it is called Haridra Khand.

HaridraKhand Component

cow’s milk
These are the main components of cow’s ghee sugar.

Amla powder, Harad churna, Behera churna, Nagkesar churna, Trivalent churna, Pepper, Peepal churna, Cinnamon powder, Loh Bhasma are all mixed in equal quantity in the form of a liquid.

Along with this, water is also added as per the need. You can make this medicine at home through scripture method or you can buy it from the market.

HaridraKhand benefits

skin disorder

Turmeric has antiallergy, antifungal properties, this drug is very useful in skin disorders or Skin Disease. Itching causes itching on the skin due to skin disorders or skin diseases. Skin rashes occur.
By taking Haridra Khand regularly, you can get rid of skin disease. By its use, itching, rashes, and redness of the skin begin to subside. It is a very effective medicine in the problem of cold bile. Kandughna, leprosy, vermilion properties present in turmeric destroy skin disorders from the root.

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a problem that causes many people to suffer. People suffering from this problem are allergic to dust, flower season or rainy season, cold environment. After coming in contact with these things, they start to have problems like sneezing, watery nose.

The antiallergy properties present in this medicine fight against allergies, which greatly relieves the problem of allergic rhinitis. Apart from this, it makes our immunity strong so that we stay away from diseases.


Haridra Khand is a very useful medicine for you in the problem of cough, all the components present in this medicine work to cure the common cold.

You can take this drug in the case of wet cough or dry cough. This drug is also very useful in the problem of allergic bronchitis.


People who always have mild fever in their body, due to which they feel weakness, such people should definitely take it.

Increase blood

Anemia can be caused by anemia in the body. To avoid this, take Haridra Khand. The properties present in it work to increase blood. The iron present in turmeric protects us from the problem of anemia.

Cell purification

Turmeric has vermin properties that kill stomach bugs. Triphala present in this medicine helps in purification of the cells. At the same time, this medicine cleanses the dirt of the body.

The quantity

You can take 8 to 10 grams of this medicine twice a day with hot milk. Due to the sugar in this medicine, a diabetic patient should take it only on the advice of a doctor.

All the old children can consume it, but it is beneficial to give small amount of medicines to the children according to their age.