Happy Independence Day 2021. Freedom comes with so many glorious traditions that we celebrate every Decade but this year, let us celebrate the independence with a bang. After all this is the 75th anniversary of the formation of the country and the greatest democracy in the world today. On this day, India celebrates its great freedom movement that was led by Jawaharlal Nehru with his courageous struggle for a peaceful and united India. Today India is once again a dynamic, prosperous and powerful nation and has gained much from her historic freedoms.

We have been able to walk shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors and friends to create positive changes to improve the lives of the common man. Not only has India gained from these freedom fighters but the whole world has as well. Today India enjoys the most expansive democracy in the world and has become a sought after tourist’s destination in the world with stunning monuments, temples and gardens. There are innumerable historical monuments and palaces which are a must see on your trip to India. In fact, the Golden triangle tour which includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur is one of the best ways to experience the true India and enjoy the freedom fighters’ spirit.

On this happy Independence Day let us honour our freedom fighters. Let us all stand together and make this day a celebration of love, freedom, unity and peace. Let us not allow the forces of violence to disrupt and kill the joy of this special day.

Let us celebrate this glorious occasion in a manner that is consistent with the values of India. On this day, India can shine as a beacon of hope to the world. With increasing prosperity, people of various societies will be able to live in harmony. Rivalry and differences will be erased completely. History will go back to how it was before colonizers came to India and replaced the ancient Hindu society with the new European or Asian way of life.

At midnight hour, let us commemorate the glorious heritage and memories of the British rule in India. On this auspicious August, let us remember our freedom fighters who fought for our Independence. Let us take a cue from the words of Mirza Ghalib, ‘On this August, let us remember India’s freedom fighters.’ Let us celebrate Independence Day in a most interactive manner as it is only when we are most stressed out that we do not remember our greatest heroes and freedom fighters. Let us recall the path that has taken us to the heights of greatness and take up challenges in order to excel in our fields of service.

On this happy Independence Day, let us celebrate our freedom. It is the birth day of many constitutional governments which made India a stronger nation and a democracy. India attained its independence when the British ruled over India. Even after independence, the British still have the final say as India needs them to rule India with an iron hand. India has gone through two periods of freedom once before which was the British rule and later is known as Indian Independence.

On this happy Independence Day, let us recall all the Independence Day festivals which have been celebrated all across India. These days also marks the accession of New Independent States to the Union on the subcontinent. Some of the major events which were celebrated on this day are:

The first part of the Independence Day celebrations is the Independence Day Parade, which begins at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. The other important event, which happens to mark the end of freedom is the India Independence Day parade. At the beginning of the Independence Day parade, there is a display of the tricolors, the national flag, the national song and the unity of India. Vigorous dancing and music are followed by a contingent of the armed forces along with the national police and the fire service to ensure the safety of the citizens.