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Hair loss

Hair loss can be a very sensitive subject for both men and women. Many people will do anything within reason just to get rid of their hair. The market is flooded with many different products, treatments and remedies designed to help you regrow your hair. However, there are also natural remedies that can be quite effective in treating hair loss and thinning. Treatment for hair loss depends on the type of hair loss you have. There are three different types:

Medication there are medications that your doctor can prescribe for your condition. These medications may come as topical creams and gels, or pills. Your doctor can determine if medication treatment is possible for you based on your symptoms, your medical history, and your possible side effects.

Surgery, your doctor may recommend laser treatment for hair loss. A low-level laser is used to stimulate hair growth by delivering short bursts of high energy light directly to the follicle. This procedure can be done by a dermatologist or at home under the care of an experienced laser technician. Possible side effects to this procedure include swelling and minor pain.

Minoxidil another treatment option for hair loss that has shown some promise is minoxidil. Minoxidil is applied topically to the scalp each day for the first two months. If the application of minoxidil does not show any positive results, your doctor may choose to give you another course of treatment. Minoxidil was originally marketed as an anti-androgen, but it is now being considered a potential treatment for androgenetic alopecia.

Natural medications there are other medications that can be considered as a viable treatment for hair loss. Before trying any natural medications, talk with your doctor if you are currently taking medications for any other condition. Your medications should be able to be taken along with any topical agents you are using for the treatment. Medications that can interact with topical agents to treat alopecia include blood thinners and birth control pills. Many times patients are able to continue these medications while undergoing the treatment plan for alopecia.

If you don’t like the idea of using medications, many alternative methods are available as well. Many times, patients are able to use herbs to help stimulate new hair growth. There are many home remedies that claim to treat alopecia effectively. In addition to herbal treatments, you may want to consider nutritional supplements to help treat hair loss. No matter which treatment option you choose, always talk with your doctor about the potential side effects to the medications and alternative treatments you are planning on taking.

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